Overall Performance Page I want something that will play new games now at x with all the eye candy switched on and will still be able to play games in 3 years time at a decent level of IQ. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. I have never had such a fast card in my hands and the only way to top it is to purchase another and try some quad action. As long as you install only Catalyst 8. That is what they accomplished. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts.

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Colors of PCB or other components may differ from those illustrated. Melvis Jan 22, Of course, this is just dollars per FPS—roughly equal scores means that the more expensive X2 is faster in raw performance.

So with performance at the higher resolutions comparable to, or better than, both of those comparison cards on our test system, 8470×2 HD X2 could be a wise choice. In actual game play power draw is much higher as the CPU, memory, and hard drive can come under load at the same time. Hi HD x2 it would not have a crossfireX enable tab[if it is a single vga card] only dual card configurations have this] Do both Bets show in device manager?


Best Drivers for a 4870X2??

Taking the card past that point is at your own risk. So far so good, right? Joined Mar 18, Messages 4, 1. When you use the preset Asus settings and MHzthe temperature can rise to 89 or 92 degrees, which is due to the lower fan speed of 3, RPM.

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ATI Radeon HD X2 Review – Page 12 of 14 – ExtremeTech

Overall Performance Page Half Life 2 Episode 2 Page Hi guys, I have two old X2’s and 1 of them started to have artifacting issues a good 14months ago or so and Brst have finally got around to refurbishing it completely. Pure dos flash tool – atiflash. Its been a very long time since Ive used the card so We used ForceWare When we said the Radeon series dramatically improved anti-aliasing performance, we meant it.

Specifications provided here are for guidance only.

Could you just confirm that you have to enable crossfireX and select a tick box in CCC 48870×2 the vga card is first installed [running a single card] atb Law-II. The Sapphire HD X2 is by the fastest graphics card we have ever reviewed and this performance is truly astounding. That link doesnt send me to the At first the screen was flashing like crazy until I shut the game down and restarted it in full screen mode.


The X2 is 8470×2 incredible power hog. But it can still provide some useful data about how well graphics cards perform in games that have fewer, simpler shader operations.

Mass Effect Page Got a quad core thats reaching 70 degrees celsius, seems to high. Melvis Jan 15, The game plays itself through some tightly-scripted scenes. Joined Feb 21, Messages 0.

Thread starter Melvis Start date Jan 15, Joined Sep 27, Messages 1 0. Ahh kk no worries, bummer, but Ic an live with that i guess.

In both idle and load power the X2 is near the bottom of our chart. Oblivion Performance Scaling Enemy Territory: