For memory expansion, the Cingular has a MicroSD card slot. The afore mentioned scroll wheel and OK button are on the left along with a button to launch voice dialing press and hold for voice recorder on the TyTN. Not surprisingly, there are already third-party replacements featuring a higher capacity in the standard battery form-factor, for those desiring extra punch. Don’t show this again. In general, despite a handful of primarily cosmetic improvements, the sticks very close to classic HTC design. At the same time they supplied a ROM update that finally enabled push-to-talk. We delete comments that violate our policy , which we encourage you to read.

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That said, the battery life 88525 been acceptable, though not extraordinary, hovering around the rated four hours of “talk” time when using the device for data and internet.

On the other hand, it’s no bigger than other Pocket PC phones out there, including the Palm Treo wx 5.

Cingular – Zimbra :: Tech Center

Our area is well blanketed in 3G, so we suffered relatively little hunting and switching, so your mileage may vary if you’re in a spotty coverage area.

On the TyTn, you need only press the voice speed dial button on the phone’s left side to initiate voice dialing and commands.

cingulqr Though the keys are fairly flat, they do have a slight dome to keep you on target and a tactile click so you know you’ve pressed the key. While any moving part will fail eventually, the should put up with typical usage for a good long time without risk.

Cingular 8525

Don’t show this again. Though some users have reported connection drops with car kits we didn’t have that problem, even during 6 hour road trips. The Cingular and TyTN do indeed operate in full g mode: Fortunately, you’re not doomed to rely on these tiny controls to work the device; HTC added a clngular scroll wheel on the left side of thewhich we absolutely love since it allows for easy one-handed use.


Though Pocket PC phones are more PDA oriented, and aren’t the best for one-handed dialing, slipping in a slim pocket and the like, the ‘s scroll wheel, side-mounted OK button 85525 voice dialing ameliorate other design and OS issues.

It’s wonderful indoors but like many PDA phones, don’t expect to see much in bright sunlight. That doesn’t mean you’ll be wearing out that Fn key dialing numbers; like all Windows Mobile Pocket PC phones, the has an on-screen dialer with large number keys you can press with a finger.

While they don’t have as rich a feature set as their desktop counterparts, ciingular more than adequate for work on the go.

Cingular also markets a completely camera-free variant of the Hermes under the name Cingular Keyboard backlight duration is equal to the display backlight duration. If coverage is your overriding concern, it would be nearly impossible to go wrong here.

If you prefer a one-handed phone centric device, the Treo may be worth the wait. You get the Microsoft Office Mobile suite with full editing capabilities and a PowerPoint presentation viewer.

While the Wizard models had only 2. Here is some background information to dispel some of this cell phone alphabet soup.

Cingular 8525 (HTC Hermes) in the wild

Just be careful not to push up the screen when you’re gripping the phone this way, which we did on a couple of occasions. Up to 8x digital zoom.

To prevent accidental button presses from turning the unit on or dialing a number, you can set the TyTN so it only powers up when the power button is pressed. Visit our network of sites: Using the Linpack benchmarking tool for Windows Mobile, the scored 1. Cingular’s fast data service is available in many metro areas and they are aggressively expanding coverage. The is also a strong device and if you’re not in a 3G area and don’t crave faster CPU performance it makes a worthy alternative for the budget conscious.


The has a darker finish, slightly different button arrangement around the d-pad and lacks the TyTN’s front-facing VGA camera for video calls since Cingular doesn’t currently promote that feature.

Cingular (HTC Hermes) in the wild

Vingular battery lives under a large plastic door on the back and that door releases with the slide of a latch on the bottom of the device. Sample photos taken at highest resolution and quality, then re-sized to fit this page. If you’re in the dialer screen, you can enter a phone number by pressing the keyboard numbers without using the Fn key the device will first try to find address book matches based on the keys you’ve hit, then dial the number once it finds no matches.

Not surprisingly, there are already third-party replacements featuring a higher capacity in the standard battery form-factor, for those desiring extra punch. While it would have been nice to see some slightly flashier upgrades for the price, such as more 852, or an improved screen, the delivers in two critical areas—wireless performance and speed.

That’s a good capacity battery, though not the highest among Pocket PC phones.