ABIT is definitely one of those companies. Mon May 21, 2: I have a SA6R running a just fine using pc ram. I had one for about two days. It requires 4 hard drives, but it increases both performance and reliability. It sends and receives data to and from the two hard drives in parallel, thus speeding up the overall performance.

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Nice board, but it wouldn’t overclock my celleron2 like the old bx board would.


Warr Acres, OK Registered: Nov 30, Posts: Mon May 21, 3: I’m wary enough of buying things over the internet, let alone worrying about if the vendor is gonna rip me a new one. Its a nice motherboard from what I can tell. That means the power cables will have to run over the CPU as well as the memory, which may cause an airflow problem. I suggest you read www.

ABIT Computer SA6, Socket , Intel (SA6RP) Motherboard | eBay

Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Mon May 21, 2: Since the i chipset will not support Pentium 3, that means the iE chipset will most likely continue to live, unless Intel releases yet another new chipset, which is unlikely.


Runs fine even with ME. Oh, running win98se, I refuse to use ME.

I don’t have the raid version, but am using a Promise Fatrack controller in it with zero trouble. But the question remains: Your help is greatly appreciated. The data on one drive is duplicated on the second drive, therefore increasing the reliability of the system. As recent processors generate considerable amount of heat, cooling has become one of the essential parts of system stability. Keep in mnd that I use pricewatch to find the lowest prices and then go to Abiy.

ABIT SA6 – motherboard – ATX – Socket 370 – i815EP

ABIT also includes the abig for the controller under Windows 9x, Windows NT, as well as Windowsso compatibility should not be a problem for most users.

Jul 1, Posts: It was released with the older SoftMenu II and the board was not as stable as some others that found their way into the AnandTech labs.

Intel stated in their roadmap that they would continue to release Pentium 3 processors throughout Just like the good old BX chipset, companies will add features, tweak performance, and increase reliability. I tried it and ripped it off less than 24 hours later.


ABIT SA6R Socket-370 i815E + RAID ATX

I’ve used an Abit SL6, pretty happy with it. Faster and faster hard drives are coming out every day, but a RAID setup can make them even faster.

Compared to the original SE6, which is about 12 by 8 inches, the SA6R immediately poses a potential problem for users with wbit cases. Sorry to persist, just wanted to make sure.

Redhook Ars Tribunus Militum Registered: It requires 4 hard drives, but it increases both performance aabit reliability. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me.

I have a SA6R running a just fine using pc ram. So far hard drive, being one of the slowest component, is one of the biggest bottleneck of the computer system. Had to return it since it wouldn’t work with my processor, which I guess is not something to fault it for since it isn’t a production piece.