It took a lot of research, guesses, God’s help and sheer luck for the author to succeed in his noble task. How satisfied are you with this response? I waited for 10 minutes at one point and the problem did not rectify itself. It implements following algorithm for CPU fan: If nothing can be done, I would like to disable the ATI card and continue running the Intel one but with no mouse pointer flickering.

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Yours may have other choices that resolve this. Gregory Opera 1, 4 18 Let us know how this goes to help others.

Does your model have a power management or battery tending software on the Support Downloads webpage your can install to test and tweak? Did you try the upstream drivers?

Create bootable USB flash drive: This site in other languages x. This thread is for mods and tweaks only. I am not sure how to let Windows handle the switchable graphics 3820tv I understood that the drivers to do that come from AMD and require you to use the AMD software to manage.

It implements following algorithm for CPU fan: Ldroamer Created on Grxphics 16, Look closely at all available Display settings when you right click the Desktop, as depending upon the driver software package it may fill out the right click context menu with Settings choices. It turned out I was right.


For now I have pretty much given up and I leave it in discreet mode. You can also switch between cards as 3820hg is running see below. Have you aced in the settings to see what choices you have exactly? There may be other tools for both Windows and Linux, but the author did not look for any alternatives as both of those two tools worked well on his computer.

Do not install flgrx proprietary ATI driver. Are you still having issues are running the three commands and restarting? In nutshell, Embedded Controller stores numbers, and by reading and writing to EC, we can get information about the system and make changes to the state of computer hardware such as fan swjtchable.

Failed Install of Windows 10 – Issues with Switchable Graphics Acer – Microsoft Community

However in the same amount of time it takes to download that option, you can choose the second option “Create Media for another PC” to make bootable flash or DVD media to keep for any needed repairs or reinstall, and can be run from Desktop to 3820fg.

I’ll monitor the thread to share what else is learned from similar threads as they arise. January 8th, 5. That I haven’t seen this a lot means it may be relatively easy to configure once installed.

How satisfied are you with this response? It is a feature, not a bug.

Some of them are: Thanks for reporting back as it will help others. This information can be found on Wikipedia. This menu is not accessible by default — it is hidden. I’ve not seen Windows handle switchable graphics except for one case reported in Windows 10 preview where I suspected the driver actually had installed enabling software but the user did not have the full Catalyst package and swore it was all being done by Windows.


It was confirmed by me that tray is able to keep graphics from auto-switching even with Standby and Hibernate. I read somewhere that HD 5xxx chips are not supported with fglrx acre, can this be the case?

Acer Aspire TimelineX 3820TG mods/tweaks ONLY!

If you plan on developing your own tool, then I highly suggest reusing existing solutions and if you switdhable up writing your own tool, then make the source code available for others to modify. Its too bad the switchable graphics don’t work as this worked flawlessly in Windows 7 and was a nice touch as it extended the battery life on this machine. Did this solve your problem?