In some cases, such as on cards with Broadcom chipsets, this alone can reveal the chipset. Injection may or may not be supported. Learn how your comment data is processed. Please help me out.. And what are those 17 steps you’re talking about?

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This is where the airmon-ng tool comes in handy.

How to install aircrack-ng on La Fonera. The previous version of this page can found here. First of all, aircrack-ng is not a single tool, but rather a suite of tools for manipulating kntel cracking Wi-Fi networks.

compatible_cards [Aircrack-ng]

There are many considerations that should go into your purchase decision:. Ok, this is the really hard part. I’m glad you are enjoying my tutorials. Hello, I’ve been trying to get this to work, but it’s not. But now I’m facing some problems. This is what I get when lspci -nn grep Network: So first determine if this applies to your card. Determine the drivers and patches required.

Few questions about aircrack-ng – Information Security Stack Exchange

Are you running in a VM? Sometimes there are up to 10 probes on 1 client. In this article, we’ll take a look at the world’s best Wi-Fi hacking software, airdumpwhich we previously used to bump your annoying neighbor off their own Wi-Fi network.


Airdecap-ng enables us to decrypt wireless traffic once we have cracked the key. You can download some dictionaries from here. If you have it all, run the program again, and it should give you output somewhat similar to this: The chipset number can also quite often be observed.

I can’t seem to determ if my card is capable of injecting packets. If ibtel ever used Wireshark, you’ve most likely worked with pcap files. C8 on channel -1 Broadcom Corporation BCM Note that in the error message it references wlan0mon. Simple WEP Crack plus see flowchart below.

Tutorial: Is My Wireless Card Compatible?

You may also have a look at windows driver file names, it’s often the name of the chipset or imtel driver to use. The ones I tried are: But when I try airodump-ng mon0, or anything other than airodump-ng wlan0, it says that device is not found.

When I run airmon-ng start wlani It’s say it found airdoump processes that cause trouble PID Name NetworkManager avahi-daemon avahi-daemon wpa-supplicant If that’s how it looks, you’re good to go.


Another point I want to make is that there are many, many compatible cards out there that are not listed in the supported cards section.

Determine the chipset and driver of a wireless card

This is a fundamental limitation. Pretty sure if you can not start a monitor interface then the card is not gonna work.

If you are considering purchasing a particular then you can use this tutorial to determine if it will work with aircrack-ng. Como crackear WEP sin clientes. Except where otherwise noted, content on this wiki is licensed under the following license: The first tool we will look at and need in nearly ever WiFi hack is airmon-ngwhich converts our wireless card into a promiscuous mode wireless card.