This does not really matter – you now have probably a permanent address for your new modem. Some of the diagnostic tests are different the user names for the test DUN connections will be although I don’t think they ever worked properly with AOL anyway, kept giving error even when you had a perfectly working connection. Contact Us – The Scream! Originally Posted by Mark unplugged I built a large wooden badger and that seems to have solved it -Thanks anyway. But i dont understand wot they are trying to tell me half the time due to language barrier. I just moved here and signed up with AOL and got this.

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They will work, definitely for a standard DUN connection I think they’re pretty much the same drivers, unzip them both and compare them if you want to check. Print Thread joepineapples2 member Thu Mar It is likely that the “cable unplugged” sign has been removed by reconfiguration of your internet coonections with the new modem.

[ubuntu] AOL BT Voyager ADSL Modem

Good luck with your quest! Sorry for posting twice -it didn’t show up at first: I have tried to install bt voyager drivers on win 98 and when I do it gets to the stage where it says insert win 98 system disk but the cd drive will not release the disk so go into my comp right click on cd drive and do eject from there, then when all drivers are instlled and I reboot it the computer tells me windows cannot enter the resgistry close windows and it will fix itself.


Perhaps you got ME by mistake. AOL sent me an email saying something about closure of the service and said i need to update my drivers.

Bt Voyager USB modem [ re: I must admit I was very unhappy to read that AOL had convinced you to upgrade to the Gold package to solve the connection problems I contacted aol and they said that they wont be able to provide me with any assistance on this modem as aol does not support it.

Hope this help anyone who gets stuck with this outdated useless modem that they are still using – unbelievable! Why doesn’t my adsl work?

From what you’ve written previously the NCIU message was still there when you connected via the BT Voyager modem after the wiring fault was repaired. I want to give them the option of not using the AOL software this time, so have downloaded the standard bt voyager drivers. It might be an obvious thing to suggest, but have you tried right clicking on the red arrows, and then clicking ‘enable’? Page 5 of 5. However I finally got a voyaver from AOL.

I vohager using the bt voyager router but despite the modem connection being visible, I was not able to connect to the internet. Even if it says it is already installed say yes cause it is’nt.

Bt Voyager 105 USB modem

However the new modem did the same thing. Vpyager install the AOL ones though as you never know and it’s the safer option. These posts have been archived and can no longer be replied to voyater modified. I took the telephone feed cable out and put it into the router, fully expecting the router to still not find an adsl connection.


Hi any modem should be ok using a new DUN connection rather than using AOL software I use an older model Speedtouch modem but my unsupported Sagem modem works just as well. User comments on ISPs. Why has the disconnection problem gone a way? Hopefully that will sort it out. There is a bug in XP SP2.

I got AOL 7. Originally Posted by Mark unplugged Hi Mark, I’m glad to see you finally resolved your problems and now have a reliable Internet vyager.

I think I’ll just wait for my wireless rounter and not mess with the BT crap. Hi all bt voyager just spent the last hour reading all your very helpful notes about the modem. I haven’t tried the voyager since, I suppose there’s a possibility that a re-install etc might work now, but I’ve packed it away out of sight!

AOL Tech’s will tell you it’s filters and other rubbish. I think ‘don’t rock the boat’ might be the stance adopted though! The last posting on this site was for however AOL BT is still sending out this outdate piece of crap!