Don’t show me this message again. Normal display With original: The counter display is in 7 digits. Motherboard connector pin breakage. The display is shifted to the copy menu and the set value is stored. Press the [EXIT] key to update the system and exit the setting mode.

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Precautions for servicing 1 When servicing, disconnect the power plug, the printer cable, the network cable, and the telephone line from the machine, except when performing the communication test, etc. After stirring for 3 min, the toner density control sensor value is sampled 16 times, and the average value is stored.

Printer Control Board firmware download method.

This lights up while faxes are being ar-j257 or received. When the number of misfeed is considerably great, it can be judged as necessary for repair. Paper feed method Paper is fed from the above by the front loading system.

Press the clear all key. How to check the time Enter the simulation for communication time check and check the time. Based on SIM setting. Hexadecimal display For AB series, 1 to 5 is displayed, for inch series, 1 to 4. The descending distance is the relative distance from the non-staple standby position.


Data are sent from the PC by the put file name.

After supplying developer into the developer cartridge, do not tilt or shake the developer cartridge. However, continuous use of such gdii machine may produce a smell of ozone. Separation sheet 6 Lower sheets tray paper feed a. In SIMpressing [CA] key terminates the simulation and the machine enters the aging mode without resetting. NO Not cleared Default The scanner mode counter and the number of send of the scanner are cleared.

Restore factory default — Store current configuration — Restore configuration — Reboot is required only when the network setting is changed. It is canceled by the operations of Cover open o Developing unit installation o Cover close.

The counters are cleared after completion of maintenance. Process unit 1 Drum 2 Drum section a. Job Offset and Job Separator. A sweet deal on a Qi charger for rpint car. Replace the developing unit. Printer function setting program. Manual paper feed tray All destina tions — Regardless of the simulation setup.

Sharp AR-M257/AR-M317 GDI Print Driver 1.10 Windows 98/ME

Do not touch the fusing unit when removing misfed paper. Operation manual Installation caution sheet Bar code board: Priority on Image quality, 2: Reset is not performed when the pint enters the aging mode.


When inserting a thickness gauge, be careful not to scratch the developing doctor and the MG roller. If the other mail software is used to receive, the display contents on the client side cannot be guaran- gci.

You can easily integrate the AR-M into.

Sharp AR-M/AR-M GDI Print Driver Windows 98/ME | Opendrivers

When this simulation is canceled, the display is shifted to the ini- tial menu, but the machine is not reset. Select the print item with the key. Avoid complex wiring, which may lead to a fire or an electric shock. Environment conditions 1 Space required 2 Operating ambient conditions 3 Ambient pint conditions 4 Ambient conditions for transporting 5 Atmospheric pressure 6 Standard temperature and humidity 7.