Note that it is the Autostar, not the telescope itself, which provides computer control for this device. Note that this driver requires SkyMap Pro 6 or later. It contains both a Telescope driver as well as a Focuser driver since the scope and focuser controls share the same serial port. Upon connecting from your software, the scope will be aligned and ready for use. Now you need to pair the serial Bluetooth adapter with your computer. If you move your scope or disengage the RA or Dec clutches, then you must power up and align your scope with the handbox before connecting from your software. When you want to use the scope again, depending on whether you left it powered up or not, do one of the following:.

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This driver provides the following functionality: This driver works with either alt-az mounts like a dobsonian or equatorial mounts. The product is not quite ready to be released to the public yet, but we will soon be looking for alpha and beta testers and we will be seeking feedback from Meade users to help us decide what features to include and which features to prioritize.


ASCOM Platform 6.3

,eade See the applicable section below. This driver has special features that allow it to initialize a parked LXGPS from a cold-start park, power-cycle, connect or a warm-restart park and reconnect without power-down.

The SynScan Hand Controller version must be 3. The Autostar II can be unparked from software with or without a power cycle.


Clicking the above link will download a file called “N5. As with all DSC drivers, the only capability offered by this driver is to display a cross-hair cursor on the star chart indicating the telescope’s current position.

Vixen Sphinx external link Driver for the Vixen Sphinx mounts. See the help file and release notes! In the latter state, all motors are off and the scope will not respond to commands from the handbox or the serial line. Start Cartes du Ciel.

Meade LX200 GPS and Classic

Ascom 2X Mount Adaptor Paramount, etc. Below is a list of parts we use for this setup; some are required, some are highly recommended and some are optional. Once you have done the above, or any time you park the scope, you may power it down or leave it powered up with the “Scope parked If you park your scope after each use, you will never have to hand-slew to a star and sync again.

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Set the Skysensor’s latitude, longitude and time zone to the values on the current SkyMap Pro map. The driver has also passed the Conformance Checker tests see this report.

Tigra Astronomy is working hard on developing a new, ultra teoescope unified driver for all Meade and Meade-compatible telescopes, mounts and drive systems.

The Autostar II cannot be unparked by the driver. We will not complete the driver if it is clear there is no market for it. You can park the scope from the software or the Autostar II handbox.


ASCOM Meade LXGPS driver setup – Software Bisque

When asked to slew, the NexStar will sometimes fail to send back an acknowledgement that the slew has been completed. When this file is unzipped you’ll have two files – “nexstar.

Features are limited, and end-of-slew detection may be unreliable requires adjustment of encoder resolution. Some notes about this driver: When setting the telescope’s latitude and longitude to match those used by SkyMap Prothe latitude and longitude are now correctly rounded to the nearest minute of arc, rather than always being rounded downwards.

New version uploaded to fix a bug occurring when attempting to slew to a declination below 10 degrees. Click here to download the Autostar.

Tigra Astronomy – ASCOM Unified Driver for Meade Telescopes

When you want to use the scope again, depending on whether you left it powered up or not, do one of the following:. Again, the scope must be parked for auto-startup to work! The last option is the best for most users, but dome users should take the time to use option 2 and fill out the fields.

The driver allows the Park Position to be changed.