Cooler Scythe Mugen 4. But I would not be surprised if what you are seeing is a copy and paste error on ASRock’s part, I’ve been seeing that a lot lately. Just to make sure it’s not memory issue I’ve tried running both sticks on different pc and they are working just fine. Do not use the USB 3. Try a minimal hardware config using just the CPU and one memory stick and a monitor in vga mode if possible.

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Z77 Extreme4 – USB 3.0 not working

Two of them ASmedia are working properly as 3. I will try it later to 2. The BIOS setup screen should appear.

Maybe I should go back to Win7! Anything built upon a weak foundation is poorly built. These days I installed Win10Probit.

Copyright c Tweak Town Pty Ltd. Or Win10 is not fully compatibile with this model of motherboard? Thanks for the replies guys but its not a driver issue sadly.

My motherboard model is an Asrock Z77 Extreme4. These 2 ports have been dead since I got the board. Like I said this only occurs on a cold start.


Try a minimal hardware config using just the CPU and one memory stick and a monitor in vga mode if possible.

z77 Extreme 4 Intel USB ports running at USB speed

Originally Posted by parsec. The driver version is 1. This page was generated in 0. If my computer is off and I boot it extremd4 USB 3. I’ve tried running whole pc with minimal hardware processor, psu, hdd and memory only without any further luck and the weird thing is I keep getting this strange error code in the little LED panel. First time when I tried it I might really inserted my G to 3. When you say “it will be recognized”, do you mean recognized correctly as USB 3.

Today i was testing some things and noticed my bios version 2. Z77 Extreme4 – USB 3. A workaround for this is everytime I cold boot the PC For me once a dayas soon as it boots into windows I click restart.

Z77 Extreme4 – USB issue! – ASRock Forums

Originally Posted by n00pe. The bios should either fall into setup or report an inaccessable boot device.


It doesn’t support trim. The time now is I’m asking because I have the Z77 Pro with a similiar or may be the same problem.

Z77 Extreme4 – USB3.0 issue!

I’ve had the Z77 Extreme 6 for over a year now and the 2 Etron usb 3. Originally Posted by gpnewroads.

Maybe a certain bios version i’m not aware of to correct this issue? I noticed a beta driver for the Etron chip on your board’s download page, ever try that one?

Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to asrok Everything went fine drivers, updates etc. Over the last year i’ve tried most of the bios versions out for this board with no luck of getting the ETron usb 3.

To which one should I connect it? What USB devices are you using, keyboard and mouse I assume, but what kind and where are they connected?