I’ll believe that the Abit is targeted at servers when I see it. Nov 7, Posts: Mar 18, Posts: Tue Jan 01, 2: According to Asus’s page right here , the A7MD is

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ASUS A7MD Dual Athlon Motherboard

RonL – I find it hard to believe the Abit offering would not offer overclocking options, and would hesitate against saying anything firm about a product not-yet released. The Tyan Tiger is 12″ x Bah I watercool, so I’m not worried about puny sinks I just want an accurate reading for once.

Originally posted by Jim Z: Yes, A7MD will fit in Koolance! Mon Dec 31, Haltech Ars Tribunus Militum Registered: I was hoping to have a choice between Tyan and Asus for those of us who would rather have extra work put into stability instead of overclocking features Basically, the guy was scared to unlock his CPU’s After a BIOS rev or two, it probably won’t matter either way in a practical sense So yes, i have experience with the MSI.


Though I’m still hoping to hit MHz with dual cpus using my Koolance at the default voltage Since the A7MD doesn’t have true core voltage adjustment you can adjust vCore, but only for one CPUthere will only be so much overclocking potential with this motherboard. Jul 21, Posts: Who’s to say if the extra day’s work just a guess taken out to allow FSB adjustments would’ve made a difference to overall board stability and polish, it’d be nice for them to make a show of it though Am7266, I suppose we’ll see.

Also, that has got to be the lamest review ive seen all year.

Wed Jan 02, The Abit WA-2A is a server board; according to Abit’s own representatives, it is not an enthusiast board. Asus A7MD Dually 34 posts. Sep 19, Posts: Tue Jan 01, 2: I would rather see Asus atleast ignore the overclocking community.

Your a Asus whore Jim, are you going to pick one of these up? Sun Dec ashs, 1: I betcha The Abit, Iwill and Epox overclock I guess because Abit wasn’t up to the task of designing a board from scratch.


I may look at the Gigabyte MPX board, though. Besides, why didnt Asus include Raid for god sakes? Nov 13, Posts: RonL Ars Praetorian Registered: Yes, that what i was saying about the a72m66 aspects of their DDR usage.

Originally posted by RonL: Sat Dec 29, Mon Dec 31, 3: Mon Dec 31, 2: