Forum Windows 10 Forums Drivers and Hardware. Just starting out and have a question? I can only speculate that the upgrade is meant to be installed from the native OS desktop. It’s kind of a bit of a hobby collecting them and tinkering with them and I really like using them. However i probably missed or ignored the part where she mentioned that the ssd would only be read as a storage device and that i wouldn’t be able to boot with it.

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Bedside Reading Just read Bastian Sick: I simply clicked activate flash and waited for it to load then it played. And your current method is perhaps hanging because it’s aasus for that firmware partition on the soldered HD, but failing to find it? The has a different CPU, a different battery, and a different, glossy and partially chromed case. This will install all of the software unique to the Asus EEE PC, correctly configuring all the hardware on the notebook.

I hope you have your files backed up.

Asus Eee PC Tweak Guide

My ssd mini pci-e ssd actually identifies as the primary drive it overwrites the 4 gb soldered one when i insert it. Tested configurations for the fallback method If your model isthen the download file should contain version.


Can you try to use a different browser? They hope these api will help you to get a better understanding of the Linux system and that you feel encouraged to acpj out things on your own. New 21 Jul 7. Searching the web, his appears a common fault.

See Wikipedia for the differences between these EeePC models. You now have root access.

Previous BIOS wasnow it’s Had to rename the file as it did not like HA. It doesn’t have a problem with all wireless routers though, does your problem apply to all wireless routers? I would benefit much more from the speed of the ssd and that is exactly why i bought it. Press F10 capi save changes and proceed to normal boot. ROM revisionsolved acpi issue reading temperature with linux 2. I’m trying to set up a netbook with Ubuntu for my computer-challenged Mother.

I tested the hard drive and it passes its a pci-e mini ssd not only that i even went ahead and bought another one adpi it was the hard drive but it still had same issue. This was left out of the Eee PC configuration, and Capi always found myself accidentally clicking the home button instead.

To reiterate – Your EeePC will be completely reset to newly out of the box from the factory state and will reflect none of your personal settings or files.


Linux on Asus eeePC 701

New 19 Jul 3. I don’t think micro sdhc cards have classes like the sd cards do.

Mine can’t even start up. Those who opted to completely disable the swap file have one more step.

W10 on Eee Pc 701sd!

The following instructions are tested on some EeePC models. But how can I get it installed on the HD now? I have noticed a couple of things. The only issue which I expected is the screen resolution – it’s not that bad, but slightly stretched not that noticeable and Windows didn’t manage to find a driver for that.

W10 on Eee Pc sd! – Windows 10 Forums

The linux distro it has already is Xandros, but i don’t really like it. Find More Posts by FuzzyRev. My antivirus program page doesn’t fit on the screen is the only issue so far but I can drag the screen.