However, this should still leave plenty to work with – and I plan to keep hunting until I find something that satisfies me, both in terms of the quality of the unit itself as well as its ease of configuration and to some degree support under Linux. Yes, my password is: My biggest complaint about the layout is that the 3 USB ports are all in the place, right near where I use a mouse. I am upgrading the ram seeing as it blew the one dim and going with max. I knew nothing about notebooks at the time of purchase. There is support for it from the ELRepo Project. This rules out Dell, Gateway, and others of their ilk I may reconsider after checking their return policies a bit more carefully, but for the moment, they’re out – I’m not up for shipping hassles.

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Only the first four Wigeless were required. I use this only to access online good for picking up signal- wifi and write college papers, but then sometimes the communication between my laptop and printer don’t match, and once again I’m tryin to restart and everything gets lost. Intel [AC97 Modem] rev 80 I haven’t tested this – I don’t have a lot of use for modems these days – but I’d imagine it works about as averatwc or as poorly as any other AC97 win modem.

HowTos/Laptops/Averatec/ – CentOS Wiki

I will return the favor any free way i can. During the updating about two dozen dependences required updates also. I wish the location of the FN and Ctrl keys were switched. KDiskFree reports using less than 10 percent of the GB hard drive.


As to my qualifications to do this kind of testing – after wearing out a number of laptops over the years, I consider myself to be somewhat of a connoisseur of the breed.

Dear readers, I invite your comments and recommendations.

I have had my Averatec for 6 years now and i find no issues to be had, the only thing i can say is keep up with the fans they need to be cleaned often other than that, i am very happy: Still, it is a wreless feature if you use the limited type memory cards the built-in reader accommodates.

Yet the fan stopped working and the computer keyboard near battery would burn up, and the computer would shut off. This may be resolvable by configuration, though.

The has a screen resolution of x The steps for getting it were to add the repository and install the proper driver from it. When I do use the touchpad, it generally works fine. No development items nor servers except Printing Support and Network servers.

Brand Model Type: Averatec 5400 Series

There are also a number of games which will not run without it. Parents asked me for some help with home wireless; need some advice ApostateTapirDec 10,in forum: On the way up there was a message about “Network manager could not find some resources. One odd note here is that instead of going blank whenever it times out, the screen breaks into a weird medley of twitching color blobs X and console both that makes me feel like it’s about to blow up at any second; somewhat unnerving, to say the least.

The physical design of the machine also has a slight but important oddity: Currently, there is no translation available for this page, the English page is shown instead!


I have not ever seen a company only supply the most recent BIOS and not the prior. I found a file called BIOS.

Log in or Sign up. Oh yeah, there’s a “Quickstart Guide” page – one side of a glossy sheet.

The status is readable but is not controllable despite the fact that I can change the “off” message for fan 3 to “on” – but cannot change any “on” settings to “off” – it does nothing. This laptop is not used for gaming nor heavy multimedia. Disk partitioning was left at default.

During the install the screen resolution was off, the NEXT button was not visible. This rules out Dell, Gateway, and others of their ilk I may reconsider after checking their return policies wirelfss bit more carefully, but for the moment, they’re out – I’m not up for shipping hassles. I was frustrated, my computer nerds that deployed with me helped do a complete reboot and re-install software 4 times while deployment.

Drivers For Free – Averatec Series Wireless Network Adapter Drivers

If you’ve got a laptop that you use with Linux and have found to be easily configurable, or know of one that fits the above restrictions and you think might be a good one, please feel free to contact me with your experiences and suggestions at. For an older XP based Athlon system, it works great!

This has been so for the entire 2. Share This Page Tweet.