To stop the recording, press the “Recording” button again. Then left click the mouse button to make a selection. Now simply press the “Recording” button on your unit’s control panel. How Do I Connect to a Microscope? Your projector’s bulb may need to be changed. We will ship the product to our Austin, TX warehouse and then immediately re-ship the product to you.

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The built-in microphone on the control panel will be disabled when an external microphone is connected. Once you have properly secured the camera head to the camera holder, you may use the arm to carry AVerVision F Use the Brightness and Contrast menu functions to reduce the distortion if applicable.

Onboard Avfrvision Plug your mouse or AP20 directly into the F50 and immediately annotate over you image. This is by design in order to ensure the stability of the whole system.

AVerVision F50

To stop the recording, press the “Recording” button again. Microscope adapters, lightbox, anti-glare sheets, padded carrying bag Onboard Annotation Plug your mouse or AP20 directly into the F50 and immediately annotate over you image. Then connect it to the AVerVision and microscope.


Fasten the aveervision bolts until the adapter secures the eyepiece.

Insert a SD card into the SD card memory slot. Please download this most updated Camear command table: For the eyepiece, we suggest using Reset all changed settings, if any, to the original manufacturer default setting.

Nothing puts on a show like the 8 megapixels of the FM document camera that is primed to show crisp text, bright images, and csmera colors. Is it possible to use the F50 without a computer?

Can the F50 be mounted? Press to make a selection and display the image in fullscreen. We will be closed on Monday December 31st and Tuesday January 1st. Is the F50 compatible with Interactive whiteboards software?

How do I turn off the on-screen display of the AVer logo?

AVerMedia AVerVision F50 – document camera Series

The annotation toggle icon will appear during image playback mode. Now simply press the “Recording” button on your unit’s control panel. Upon connecting the USB cable, the system automatically detects the new avervission disk.


For different command, please refer to your laptop manual. Adjust the volume down on the remote to prevent hearing damage due to loudness. When “Mass Storage Start…” appears at the lower right corner of the presentation screen, docujent may now connect the USB cable.

Are you shipping this product to an address in California? Unfortunately, we are unable to ship this product directly to an address in California due to California sales tax issues.

AVer FM Document Camera | AVer USA

The highest resolution the F50 can output is x at 30fps. FCC, UL power adapter main unit: AVer Doc Cam Comparison.

There is no computer signal on presentation screen. The picture on the presentation screen is distorted or the image is blurry. The F50 has a maximum shooting area of We don’t offer free shipping but we do ship to Alaska, Hawaii, U.