For more information please visit www. Do not go near the Turbo-stick by Bell!!! I’ll put my rating here Your Rating: It just doesn’t work! Started out with the U stick which was fairly dependable. I was promised a call back in 48 to 72 hours. The odd day I may get 1 hour of continuous usage from the stick, but most times as in writing this review I will have to save my message and re-post it as I will surely be booted as soon as I click submit, happens every time.

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Also, don’t even dream of running this device on Linux.

I was adviced to take it back to the Bell store and get it replaced. You could use it before 9 in the nlvatel, but after that you get no signal.

I told Bell I didn’t want to pay for the months since August my U stopped working. I was given a replacement stick with a new sim card and had the same exact problem. Don’t waste your money Reviewed on Friday March 5, by kyleCanada.

Novatel Wireless U998 Turbo Stick Reviews

Do not go near the Turbo-stick by Bell!!! I called the bell support and was told I needed to upgrade to the 4. Locked into contract belk what can you do???

Finally, I was a happy camper once again and this unit, so far, works very well. I feel so much better knowing that so many people are having the same problems as i am.


You should complain right up to the highest manager and tell them you will take this to the Better Business Bureau. I’ve had my ‘Stix’ since November and have complained to them every month, except one. It doesn’t work with my outlook express for alot of email addresses.

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Got the Novatel U All a waste of time. Nobatel not buy, or try it Then they might give me a different stick or just tell me to try some different stuff and come back in a month.

Avoid this like a bad case of flu and the runs. It starts to work then just drop connection and all the lights go out Before you spend hours re-installing your software or wasting money upgrading your stick try connecting at 3: This is the only way we can get broadband Internet so we are prepared to put up with a few glitches: Jason Laszlo, Bell Media Relations, jason. Geez, are we the only ones in the world that haven’t had problems with the U?

Bell launches exclusive Novatel Wireless U USB modem

It worked for about 10 minutes the first time I plugged it in and I haven’t been able to get it to work again. Needless to say, I am going to take a trip to the kiosk with my laptop to try to resolve the issue. They just send you to the tech services who have no idea how to fix a problem that is really a hardware problem specific to the U Tried it on all 3 PC’s. Write a User Review and help other consumers make the right buying decision.


The sole issue is that heavy traffic on their system occasionally slows it down evenings with many users online. Don’t believe the support person if they tell you that you need this upgrade.

I agreed to bring my contract up-to-date after they promised to exchange my turbo stick. I’m running the device from Windows XP and I’ve ensured that the drivers and firmware are up to date. New Turbo Stick as bad! I have a patient problem when I have to repeat myself, but I keep my replies short. For those of you wondering I had to get Rogers internet which I am using right now, which at least works and has good speed when I need it.

I have downloaded their latest software and it did nothing.