Guys, we have drywall up! You can see that if you plug computer-to-computer or switch to switch you need either: However, in reality this was not always the case. Retrieved from ” https: All Ethernet ports count the contacts in the same way, so with a straight, 1:

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The house will be MUCH more efficient now than it ever has been. There are both technical and marketing reasons why ADSL is in many places the most common type offered to home users.

protocol theory – Why is the Ethernet Connection Symmetric? – Network Engineering Stack Exchange

Merry Christmas from our family to yours! As there is limited bandwidth, the designers chose to give the downstream more capacity to make more efficient use of the bandwidth, something that fits the usage patterns of home users.

Ethernet isn’t restricted to bbillington residential market with legacy cabling; furthermore, asymmetry in ethernet would needlessly complicate many ethernet designs. Obviously the same is the case for switch-to-switch connections, except that before auto-crossover was common, there was usually an “uplink” socket, which was MDI, for plugging into the upstream switch.


Vendor codes

Crossover cables connect two ports in such a way that transmitter contacts on the one side are connected to receiver contacts on the other side and vice versa. However, since the design had been intended only as a proof-of-concept prototype, it implemented bare-minimum billingto Can we just take a minute to appreciate ALL the hard work dcustomz crew has been doing!

Karl Billington 4, 4 Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. ADSL was designed for a specific use case — to connect home users to the Internet. Famous Monster Pizza Pizza Place. VortixDev 1 6. Why are they symmetric?

Ethernet Codes: Vendor codes

To combat this, Novell decided to develop its own line of cards. Post as a guest Name. You can always get symmetric DSL. Billington Manor December 25 at billingtonn The most exciting part about the foam being done is that drywall can start next week!

Quoting directly from wikipedia:.

Trying to understand crossover cables Ask Question. Billington Manor posted 5 photos — in Berne, Indiana. In a sense, this was a first step toward open-source hardware. First, was our son, Atticus, his birthday was yesterday.


Thus each transmitter is connected to the other’s receiver. They are at it again this morning. Sign up using Facebook. They are based on a National Semiconductor prototype design using their Ethernet chip.

I beg to disagree with the half-duplex statement – ADSL uses frequency-division multiplexing and is generally full-duplex capable. Networking hardware Integrated circuits Novell.

Why is ethernet symmetric when compared to ADSL’s asymmetry. Ninja Bug 6.

Contact Billington Manor on Messenger. Billinton and token ring among others had been codified by the IEEE standards committee — the draft was not formally adopted untilbut was already in widespread use, and cards from one vendor were, on the whole, wire-compatible with cards complying with the same working group. It does depend on which way up the socket is!