Once a PC has logged into the web interface, other PCs cannot get access until the current PC has logged out of the web interface. Bipac g , Bipac g ra. Show Auto scan result – Protocol information. If they are not, verify that you are using the proper cables. Specify the priority for the bandwidth that is not used. Don’t have an account? You may configure the router for Internet access in two ways:

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Package billionra | Information Service Providers

Network Protocols and Features. Users enjoy not only high-speed ADSL services but also broadband multimedia applications such as interactive gaming, video streaming and real-time audio which are easier and faster than ever. This user-friendly design supports all kinds of operating systems, significantly reducing the time and efforts spent configuring your system. If you did not see your router’s ip address in the list above.

Between 22nd Dec and 2nd Jan all our suppliers will be closed. If you would like to get quicker reply regarding stock or products in that period you can also whatsapp or sms Antonia on Device version Software Version: The Front Leds Ra 2. Follow the steps below to access web configuration. Bipac gBipac g ra.


Billion BiPAC 7300 RA User Manual

When your router needs to allow outside users to access internal servers, e. Please ensure that you have saved the configuration settings before you logout. Try to position wireless devices and computers with billiion adapters so that the signal passes through drywall or open doorways and not other materials.

An icon displays in the system tray Step 6: After the router is powered on, press this reset button using the end of paper clip gillion other small pointed object to reset the router and to restore it to factory default settings. Configuring A Pc In Windows 7 3. Page 39 Here the default is Open System.

These functions are described in the following sections. The period of renewal time for changing the security key between wireless client and Access Point AP. Automatic when you choose Application from listbox or select a protocol type which you want. Priority can be assigned by the router to ensure that important data like gaming packets, customer information, or management information passes through the router at lightning speed, even under a heavy load.

You may specify an alternative if, for example, you are running a web server on a PC within your LAN.


Page Step 1: Page Step 3: Make sure that all connected devices are turned on. Select the DDNS service you have established an account with. Port Bpiac IP Address: Just log into the system with the required username and password provided by your ISP, and the router will automatically establish the Internet connection for you.

Billion BiPAC RA ADSL2+ Firewall Router with QoS and EZSO

Chapter 6 Troubleshooting If your ADSL Router is not functioning properly, you can refer first to this chapter for simple troubleshooting before contacting your service provider support. This natural firewall is on when the NAT function is enabled. Green for Mbps; Orange for bi;ac. If you wish to restart the bullion using the factory default settings for example, after a firmware upgrade or if you have saved an incorrect configurationselect Factory Default Settings to reset to factory default settings.

The current connection status.

Zero means always on. Easy to set up to surf the net!