With such a fast core, it is quite sad to see the memory not running at greater speed. Testing and Overclocking All Pages. Ta, must have missed that Quote. Multitexturing test profits from core-speed that draws 64 texture layers on objects as quick as possible. Composite Figures 3Dmark I may well be wrong as I just scanned that part..

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Zotac launched a number of their products based on Nvidia’s DirectX 8500gtt chips and they are currently trying hard to get their piece of the market.

Will read in detail a little later.

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With such a fast core, it is quite sad to see the memory not running at greater speed. We won’t share your email address with ANYONE, and we will only email you pxx updates on site news, reviews, and competitions and you can unsubscribe easily at any time. Let’s see how it all stacks up shall we?

Software wise you get a full edition of Cyberlink DVD Solution, which is great and fits in with the media theme. The memory interface is still bit and stays the same no matter what type of memory used.

The two — slot bracket cooling solution used on the BLISS GT models offer a higher air flow compared to a one — slot bracket solution and is therefore allowing a healthier environment for higher performance.


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Zotac GT, the fastest G86 core

Sold overclocked to MHz. More in this category: I could be wrong here but when you say the increase of the overall 3DMark 06 results when overclocked is We mentioned the memory before and we said it 8500gtt stable at 1, MHz. Last modified on 31 May Rate this item 1 2 3 4 5 0 votes. Is it not ish??

Gainward BLISS 8500GT PCX TV DVI SilentFX – graphics card – GF 8500 GT – 256 MB

Index Zotac GT, the fastest G86 core 2. The cooler is small but sufficient for a G86, which is quite small itself. However, the memory is still at the default MHz.

It seems that in this range of cards, Zotac is the only one giving away such a juicy gift. Ta, must have missed that Quote. With a long history of producing fast cards that overclock well, Gainward are a company who’s hardware we always like to see in the lab.

We over-clocked it to run MHz faster than the default MHz, which is a good result for 2. The 80mm fan 70mm for non Golden Sample version spinning at rpm iscooling both the GPU and the memories with a noise level at 33,5dB compared to 35,2dB from the rpm used on pdx NV GTS reference boards; which is almost half the audible level in comparison.


As far as over-clocking goes, Zotac pushed the card almost to its maximum. Composite Figures 3Dmark Zotac is a fairly new name in the industry – it is in fact Nvidia’s PC Partner brand.

Whether GDDR3 and its speed play an important role – we’ll see soon enough. Single and Multi Texturing tests work on the same principles as the 3DMark 03 tests so the results are similar. The RoHS sticker on the back of the card says that the materials used in the manufacturing process contained no harmful elements.

The Zotac Blies GT is still significantly ahead of the reference card. In Single Texturing and Pixel Shader 2. Today we’re taking a look at an GT with a twist. Dust and Static electricity reduces the lifetime reduces the lifetime of a graphics card; the fan cover is used as an Anti —Dust and Anti — Static protector prolonging the lifetime of the card. Gainward have placed an HDMI port on the back of this mid-low end card.

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