Nov USA Posts: However it shouldn’t make much difference, so you can try both ways to a system restore checkpoint first and revert back before trying the other way. Manual Configuration or Automatic Update. Another issue which may not may not be related is that my Eternet card installs but does not detect a cable the cat 6 cable works with my other PC.. I have the Belkin F5D

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BlueNext BN WD54G + Belkin F5D wireless usb adapter drivers for Vista 64 Bit

GameSlurp The friendly community for gamers. I tried the vista 64 driver from Belkin itself but it causes windows to crash and I have to remove the drive in safe mode.

Stick around too, welcome to the site. Azz, Thanks for the reply. Spent nearly a whole day searching for a driver that’ll work on Vista with my F5D Coming soon — or new driver information forum Luckily for you I have done the hunting around for you! It worked perfectly for the Belkin.

They are both powered by the Ralink chipset, and you can get the driver from here: I tried to install this but it looks like it didnt work, do I need to plug in the adapter before the install? Do you have the BlueNext or Belkin?


Nov USA Posts: How would I add these manually I have belkin f5d ver 4 chip. Hope that helps someone! Thanks alot, just registered to say thanks as you asked, this was really bugging me and as I searched some forums the jargon was quite immense even to my standards!

BlueNext BN WD54G + Belkin F5D7050 wireless usb adapter drivers for Vista 64 Bit

Apr London Posts: Sorry I can’t be of much more help. This windows manager wizard has been just the most horrible!

How to deal with video card driver problems? Just in case this comes in handy for anyone!

Get your system working ok first, then look at sorting secondary drivers. GameSlurp The friendly community for gamers.

I would get ad54g latest drivers vixta your motherboard first, and maybe update to SP1 too. I think it installed the x86 drivers, because the program was installed to Program Files x86not the regular program files. I have the Belkin F5D Update a driver for hardware that isn’t working properly PostScript printer drivers: Have you tried the downloads from this page?


I have done a system restore to before the drivers installed.

This thread is posted in the following forum categories: Do you have any questions regarding your driver installation?

A total waste of time. Mar uk Posts: Jul UK Posts: Search Mark all posts as read Latest Posts View all of the latest posts.

If striving to align your drivers manually it is important to double check that the recent setup isn’t going to clash with older established drivers. The software installed all the way, but did not recognize the driver. I believe I had added these files correctly but when I try to install the driver.