Type the team name and then click Next. Wait for the install to complete before continuing with the next command. The minimum difference in dB between the measured length of the cable pair and the maximum length specified in IEEE The range is A team is comprised of at least one primary adapter a standby adapter is optional. If you attempt to use a team name more than once, an error message is displayed indicating that a team by that name already exists. To create a new team perform the following steps:

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Normally, the checksum function is computed by the protocol stack. If a gateway is configured, the test automatically sends packets broacdom that system. PAUSE frame transmission is enabled. You can specify up to 3 additional probe targets to serve as backups by assigning IP addresses to the other probe targets.

The list of available properties for your particular adapter may be different.

The number of bits that the bus can transfer at a single time to and from the adapter. Unless the network infrastructure supports QoS, do not enable QoS.

BACS2 contains three panes:. If you want to designate one of the adapters as a standby member optionalclick Use the following member as a standby member. This option works in conjunction with the operating system power mode saving and does not work if the Power Save setting does not enable WOL.


Initializing the Broadcom Advanced Control Suite. BASP functionality is available only on systems that use at least one Broadcom network adapter. If all of the active adapters on the team fail or are disconnected, the standby member takes over the handling of the network activities. The network test sends ICMP packets sujte remote systems and waits for a response. This enables you to add multiple virtual adapters that are on different subnets.

All commands are case sensitive. On the installation CD or from the location to which you downloaded the software driver package, open the MgmtApps folder, open the folder for your operating system, and then double-click Setup. Otherwise, problems may occur. conhrol

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If a gateway is not configured or if the gateway is unreachable, it will prompt the user for a destination IP address. A count of directed data frames that were successfully transmitted. With a VLAN, you can couple the functionality of load balancing for the load balance members, and you can conttol a failover adapter.

Click the name of contro team you want to configure. VLANs can only be created when all teams members are Broadcom adapters. Frames Tx after Deferral. The link speed of the adapter. The number of characters that can suute used in a team name is a minimum of 1 and a maximum of This is because the setup bacs command automatically generates a setup.


The network adapter may not function if the network is not configured to operate at the same mode.

Broadcom Advanced Control Suite 2 9. You can designate one team member in an SLB type of team to be the standby member.

A count of directed data frames that are successfully received. This new configuration bfoadcom is a text file and can be viewed by any text editor. The hexidecimal number above may differ from your current installer. Network Test – The Network Test will confirm network connectivity to a remote station.

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This condition does not apply to an adapter that suife a standby member of a team. Uses the factory-assigned node address on the adapter. This setting allows the network adapter to dynamically detect the line speed of the network.