A warning email is sent two weeks prior to disabling the account with renewal instructions. There are also a number of department run computer labs. Anything that you place in the www folder on the J drive, will be visible on the internet. There is no software to install, or wizard to run. Web Interface so you can access account off campus Preview the mail message Views web content in email correctly Allows Attachments.

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Your J drive space is at or over your limit meg capacity.

Transferring files from the J drive to your home computer. These are currently located in the labs in CB and CT Assistant to the Dean Manages faculty and staff contracts and salary issues Approves graduate student theses and dissertations Manages college space allocation and use, and classroom scheduling Coordinates college-level fellowships, scholarships and grants Serves as backup for controller on financial issues Oversees student organizations and serves as co-advisor hyu the student Engineering and Technology Leadership Council.

This capability is built into Windows. Many of the Caedm applications can be accessed from your home computer. College Personnel External Relations.

The USB Flash memory drives are an easy way to transport you data from computer to computer. This is a free suite of software comparable and compatible with Microsoft Office.

If account eligibility is based solely on employment in the college, a request for an account must come from a department CSR. Most likely, you will want the members to be able to read and write to the group, byj enter each group members caedm user name separated by commas and no spaces. You should keep your contact information on Route Y current. The computers also have media card readers for SD cards, CF cards, and other various memory cards.


The price varies with what printer you are using. Byi a student is no longer enrolled in classes, they will be unable to create or renew their account.

Drive will allow you to go over your quota for a short amount of time. If you do not wish to use this account, you should forward this account to the one that you are using.

To ybu this delete some of the junk off of the J drive. Vincent Wilding H EB wildingv et. These are empty lab station with a keyboard, mouse, monitor, and power available for connection to your personal laptop. CAEDM creates and email account when you create your account. Violation of policy may result your account being disabled. For more buy on accessing the application server click here. Individual departments may sponsor computer labs with different access restrictions.

Then, follow these instructions:. I would recommend that you do this over a high speed line rather than a modem, but you can do it over a modem. Files in the scratch space files in the ‘scratch’ directory do not count against any quota.


College Personnel Directory | Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering

Anyone eligible to use computing resources in the Ira A. College Controller Manages financial planning, budgeting and reporting for college Trains department financial personnel Oversees financial policy compliance Protects research and donor resources. These are two protocols for transferring or copying files from one computer to another. If you use the USB drives on a Win 98 machine, you will most likely have to install a byh on your computer to make it work.

The lab machines have some software locally installed, and some of the software is accessed through remote computing resources like RGS and Citrix.

Technical & Computer Resources

Create a name for the group according to the guidlines given. It is very important to note that the J: If this fails several times you may want to shutdown the computer and then remove the Nyu drive. Users caeddm will not be able to log into linux at all, and windows applications will react unpredictably and strangely. This method will probably not work from public hotspots like libraries or coffee shops, as the required port 22 is usually blocked.