Unplug the AC adapter and remove battery. The screen was black and showed nothing and some keyboard lights were flashing, which was definitely not normal. Thanks Nacho July 17, Thanks! Nelson September 25, After reassembling all the parts, my labtop started up. Does it run better now?

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Julian February 15, Thanks for this tutorial. Now however it will not even start with the power supply. It just stuck there and no other keyboard buttons work. Rosy July 12, Hi just to update, checked all of the laptop cng turned out the fan wire had come loose so it wouldnt boot because the fan was not working!

It currently only reacts to two buttons: Turned off, he pulled the ram out and stuck it back in and the computer worked normally again. The keyboard had to be slightly pushed front towards the screen before one could lift it, since it had a sort of safety catch below it, holding it in place. Do you chicoony any video at all? Do you think it is something simple or potentially bad?


Possible video cable failure. Stepjarsteve May 14, Just wanted to thank you for the directions. Help really appreciated IML Tech October 28, lee drummond, i need to solve flickering screen problem.

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Rajeev January 7, Will this guide work for DV5 tu. Thanks to your step-by-step-guide and your answers, I found out that the 20V lead from the incoming contact to the motherboard had its insulation worn off and was in contact with the chassis.

One of them could be bad. I moved the video cable left and right, up and down in every direction and saw no lines. Most likely this is some kind of hardware failure. But I am stuck. My laptop was overheating so I took it apart and replaced thermal paste.

Besides the cheek of asking this question, your guide is the best on the net and far better than the YouTube ones. All slightly bewildering to me — lolol. John January 20, The inverter is ccnf same part as the old one. Maybe you can help? I double checked that before I installed the new one.

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No light and anything. Becks January 29, Hello Hello, I took apart my laptop to clean it and when I put it back together everything works apart from the screen. If motherboard gets power but will not turn on, probably this is motherboard failure.


NOW I am having a problem with the screen. I did find a link talking about the same problem I was having and the guy ended up taking it to a computer store to have it repaired.

I guess your numbers should be close. I tried all screw drivers nothing works. Is my video card bad? After assebmbilng the laptop for the third time screen is flickering, colours are strange an objects are not clear. Gracias Krista Chirayunon October 14, Liquid spilled on my laptop. This will help you to find out what type of motherboard you have installed. The charging light is nice and pretty on the front.