CR14A – has a program button so I don’t know which of these are programed. Note that ‘1F E0’ is 32 bytes short of 8K. Everything appears to be working fine now and I look forward catching up with your blog from time to time. After that it works again, and so on. From this you will have to change the www-data to the name of that user. After he installation, I have the same error after starting the CM15A interface:

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Only 2 are secure, mine and 1 other neighbor.

To Do list This will be a nice long list for a while as this document has a long way to go. Ill figure out where to add the code I have it at startup right now, but that isn’t enough and I’ll post the fix. Linux Home Automation Last updated: Code combination is configured thus: Anywho, still trying to get is set up.

Same problem here, tried Debian and Ubuntu. I don’t know if it’s an error or belongs there programmed part? Cm15x that it works again, and so on.

CM15A on Linux – HomeSeer Message Board

If X10 should share the info I’ll make the effort to take advantage of it. The compiler will create a fm15a file called cm15ademo within the same directory as the source files.


If this command asks you to enter the password as it did with installing the GUI libux Ubuntuthen enter it. If I were to take a wild shot in the dark without further information it looks like the CM15A is reporting the status of module J3 as being Off repeated 3 times. Select admin at the top of the screen and use the form to linjx a new module.

This is a common cause of problems with using my device drivers. In my case most of my modules are set up as:.

Any hope of getting the CM15A info for Linux?

xm15a I won’t be developing for Linux I think I had set it to listen for a bunch of house codes. This is information that I’ve been able to gather on interfacing the Cma to a linux system.

This is a great tutorial. Created by the Community, for the Community.

LinuxHA Mochad github repo. This worked for me so hope it helps. I have been reorganizing my website while I continue to work on my new portfolio layout! Content cAll rights reserved.


Tanks cm15z advance pierre. Home Help Search Login Register. And of course much needs to be added as I’m sure there is much that is yet undiscovered. That means that you did not enter the above information correctly and will have to redo the above step to fix it.

Preamble: Web-based control of X10 Home Automation (CM15A) on Ubuntu Linux

I use “Coder Since CP” as my handle on those forums. It should provide you with your IP address on your computer. In my case I had to set up the access users libux PHPMyAdmin, and initially started with the username root — I left the password blank and logged in. Should be all good now! If my system had been setup with the HID module loaded the cm15a would have been usbhid instead. Now that Ubuntu is installed, my system has never been faster at serving files and streaming media.

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