Although Trident enjoyed some success with its 3DImage and Blade3D product-lines, the entry of Intel into PC graphics signalled the end of the bottom-end, graphics-chip market. Toshiba Satellite Display Adapter: Before reporting bugs in pre-release versions please check the latest version in the X. I updated the video card driver to the latest on the Toshiba site and. You need to log in to change this bug’s status. It filed for bankruptcy protection in January [5] and the delisting of its common stock from the NASDAQ stock market was announced shortly thereafter. History Supplier of PC graphics chipsets Established in , Trident gained a reputation for manufacturing technique which combines a graphics-controller and framebuffer memory on a single chip.

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This article needs additional citations for verification. In lateXGI completed the acquisition of Trident’s former graphics division, completing the transformation of the company into one focusing on DTV chip solutions.

This information was last pulled on Silicon Valley Business Journal. If I sound vague in my description of the problem then the reason for that.

Windows XP Display Driver for Trident CyberBlade XP Ai1 display adapters

Cyberlbade it out of the way early, now I have the rest of the afternoon to sniff fragrant tea-roses or strangle cute bunnies or something. In the mids, the company briefly caught up with its main competition: An I forgot to say that I’m using the alternate installer. You can subscribe and participate further through the new bug through this link to our GitLab instance: I will be opening another bug report regarding detection. Bryce Harrington bryce on For the record Debian Etch ‘just works’ with this laptop.


I’ve forwarded your bug report upstream to https: Toshiba Satellite Display Adapter: Under new management, in May Trident completed the acquisition of selected assets of the frame rate converter FRCdemodulator and audio product lines from Micronas. May Learn how and when to remove this template message.

WinME to Win2K upgrade drivers: To post a comment you must log in.

Bug Watch Updater bug-watch-updater on Integrated Lights Out Controller. It filed for bankruptcy protection in January [5] and the delisting of its common stock from the NASDAQ stock market was announced shortly thereafter. The place to find device driver updates.

Anonymous Aug 28,9 47 PM cyberaladdin p4 cyberblade ai1 agp. From this point on, Trident’s research and development was mainly concentrated at its facilities in ShanghaiChinaand a fully owned ,square-foot research and development facility in Shanghai was completed in Steve Langasek vorlon wrote on Trident Microsystems was a fabless semiconductor company that in the s was a well-known supplier of graphics chipsets used in video cards cyberblxde on motherboards for desktop PCs and laptops.



In fact for Gutsy it is necessary to install an xorg. Change tab Ddisplay graficscard is a Trident Cyberblade Ai1 video accelerator. I don’t see a way to “tag the bug” to indicate that it affects Lucid.

Trident Microsystems – Wikipedia

You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. Zdaptor Aaltonen tjaalton wrote on Thank you for reporting this bug to Ubuntu. Nominated for Hardy by Damian Melniczuk. One of the culprits for the lackluster performance is the system’s graphics adapter. Securities and Exchange Commission. This bug affects 4 people. Geode GX2 Graphics Processor.

At that point you get the proper response from Xorg: