The fully-opened volume applet still controls the headphones correctly. After upgrading to Hardy sound died for my AD card. I confirm that this bug still exists in 2. Display Both nVidia cards are working out of the box. I can confirm no sound on a new Lenovo Y with a fresh Kubuntu Gusty install with: I just upgraded to Ubuntu 8. Output of dmesg Edit

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Overall Status

The main volume was automatically un-muted. The sound still does not work: Go back and rerun the “sudo make install” to get the right dependencies computed. I installed the backports module – everything seems to work perfectly now without any further actions on my Dell Precision ! Debian EtchAndAHalf is required for networking.

Delo is to confirm: Patrick ccz wrote on I confirm that this bug still exists in 2.

I’ve realised that the system has gone ahead and installed Linux 2. I turn the volume up and it works! Using “good” headphones does not let me vell anything, otherwise the outputs are as above for festuc.


After a few more updates today kernel included, 8201h the same version which I thought was a little odd.? Use the given board model. I have a santa rosa processor with the intel chipset, just like festuc.

InstallingDebianOn/Dell/XPSm – Debian Wiki

Next, I plugged in a second set of headphones – While the main speaker was still muted from plugging in the first set of headphones. WiFi Delll lspci gives: Do you have something like this: The main speakers are not shown, but can be controlled by the dropdown slider from the applet. Confirming with kernel 2. Resources Attachments Some configuration files and sample outputs.

Test different “Sound Servers”: In other words, my front headphone jack is behaving itself properly. But the built-in mic doesn’t. I would like to add some detail to my post on the 26th. I can also confirm the fix posted by Roger E Critchlow Jr. To post a comment you must deell in.

Jeremy McNaughton jeremy-mcnaughton wrote on Mouse works out of the box. I have the same problem, no sound at all on a fresh Kubuntu install. I have a Compal IFT00 with a rev3 sound card. There still may be other similar hardware configurations with sound issues, mine works as I described above.


I installed linux-backports -modules- 2. Better, remove the old version of snd-hda-intel.

Ubuntu on my Dell Latitude D630

If I un-mute the main volume while one set of headphones are plugged in, plugging in a second set of headphones does not automatically mute the main volume. Sound is working again: When I got to mess with volume levels whether the buttons on the laptop or the volume control panelthe volume will start out at the level I set it for, then it will slowly get louder and louder until it is maxed out.

Paul Dufresne paulduf wrote on