In the locator dialog that will open up, you’ll see multiple tabs that allow you to search for campgrounds, addresses, Landmarks, User POIs, etc. I have seen posts on this topic that go all the way back to Sept. There was a thread on the Delorme LT board concerning the work around for vista. What you need to do is Since at different scales, a pixel on the screen represents a different distance, and the user can only click on a pixel, it should be noted that the accuracy of the placement of Via Points, when Shift-clicking, depends on the current scale of the map.

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Exit – Exits the utility. I searched extensively for a Delorme fix with 64bit OS and couldn’t find anything of use.

I tested this with a Garmin eTrex Legend, each connected to a different laptop simultaneously running Tru-Traffic and both sitting side by side on llt dash board. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

The DeLorme Serial Emulator is a system tray utility that provides access to the settings and status of an Earthmate reciever. Gerard, I’m glad to hear you are up and running! You can customize the Start Properties to make it appear as in Windows XP, or you can use the following shortcut to make the Run box appear any time you need it.

UnderTow Software – Mapping & GIS – TLDCN Support

The basic eTrex is relatively inexpensive but requires separate purchase of the data cableand they all have the advantages that they have a fairly long battery life and can also work as a standalone unit — they don’t have to be seria, to the laptop.


I’m fairly computer savy. Shut down the program. IIRC this problem has cropped up on me a couple of times way back when and with others I’ve tried to help Stephen Locke, Mikey Gribblebut I cannot remember the definitive solution as it’s been awhile. The Run option is there, but unfortunately, in Vista and Windows 7, it is hidden by default.

Most of these file associations are set by programs, during installation, but ultimately, the user can controls and change these associations which can sometimes get corrupted.

Flaming or offending other users. I have used it for years. When I am looking at a campground and the “Web” button is active indicating that the campground has a web link in the programI click on the “Web” button and nothing happens. Right-Click on the program’s shortcut and select ” Run as administrator ” from the pop-up menu that appears.

Delorme LT (USB) & Windows 7 (64 Bit)?

I think drivers are missing, but they did not come with the Street Atlas software. This is the cursor when the ekulation is in the default map mode.

I just ordered the blue-tooth version of Delorme and SA and start with that. It delkrme a little difficult for my son to get it working correctly though and he said that for some reason that it did not start on system startup.

Also, please read any directions and restrictions that may accompany the device driver on the Delorme site. It only lets me stop where it thinks I should, based on my end of the day stop time.


Undertow 220 is no longer providing support for this product. Two chips sets seem especially promising for use in urban canyons and under tree canopies: If there are only two points in the list, one is the Starting point of your trip and the second is the Endpoint of your trip, by definition. This step is optional but may prove fruitful. There may be additional details in the Seroal documentation of how such dialogs operate. At least I know my reliable paperwork won’t fly away anytime soon!

There is nothing special about the Earthmate devices that make them the be-all end-all in GPS receivers.

My GPS Receiver Recommendations

We really need an emulator that is designed to dlorme with Vista and Win7. So, in the above example of not being able to find a city, entering “Boston, MA” with the comma should result in a successful search.

The Delorme Eathmate will work with Delorme products. The input is now running on COM 5 since i tried changing delodme a different COM port in device manager to see if that helped at all. I hope all three of your apps are able to receive a signal from GPSGate and that you have a successful chase season this upcoming year.

I give them a qualified recommendation.