The placement of the internal speakers is another issue which causes the sound to become muffled for gamers who use their fingers as a support shelf. The Super NES audio is jacked up. The X button acts as a universal “return to main menu” button in all areas, where the B button takes the menu back one level and will cycle through the option to choose files from the Mini-SD expansion slot. However, there are currently more than 30 homebrew emulators for this system, which easily negates this minor complaint. Research was conducted using Dingoonity, and various support forums.

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Dingoo – Wikipedia

Special thanks to Shaunj66, Costello, Atashi, B. SIM emulators offer an in-game menu. This allows for dual booting the original firmware or Linux without the need for connection to a PC.

Similar threads with keywords: This problem was originally addressed by the POF custom firmware and later by the official revision v1. MP3 format will not fill up the internal memory as quickly as a Dingo lossless format.

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Users may have to perform this step more than once to remove all related drivers from their system. Files can be added to the Mini-SD card expansion slot.

The glossy top half of the unit encompasses the LCD screen, protecting it from dust and scratches. I have tested 34 games and only experienced the occasional graphic glitch.

This unit, which was once thought to be a230 faulty Dingoo A, is actually a hardware revision. Watch list is full.

Dingoo A320 Launch Edition 4GB Black Handheld System

This button is recessed and requires something small and thin to access it. Users who buy a newly produced Dingoo A may experience these and other issues. As of now this is no longer a problem, there are pre-patched versions of all supported software and the Homebrew SDK has been updated to include the universal patch.

Due to the directional pad issues I recommend that users purchase their unit from a reputable dealer with a solid return policy. Save-states functioned well for each of the official emulators.

But I’m pretty bummed about how the other systems don’t work. The unit feels well built and the wide screen case style limits hand cramping.

The directional pad had some sort of mechanical sensitivity issues.


Jan 3, From Where??? The D-Pad and shoulder buttons could be better. If you connect the Dingoo A to a computer and hold down the B button, the China Chip drivers will be removed from the computer system.

The Dingoo A comes with an mAH 3. The size makes the dingoo awesomely portable. Syncing the Dingoo a to the computer during playback will stop the playback process.

Dingoo Digital A Portable Retro Game Station Handheld Emulator Nintendo SEGA | eBay

The adapter is of Chinese make with Chinese characters on the label and two equally sized universal plugs. Image and Flash playback performed as expected.

Digitla item – opens in a new window or tab. Users should understand that some files will require re-encoding to perform as expected. It is your “retro” gaming nirvana Rest in piece, Kurt.

Seller does not offer returns. Dingux Dingoo Linux has become an answer for the lack of official Dingoo A digjtal. Windows 2k and XP should recognize the China Chip drivers automatically.