Pascal 3 2. I know the device is good because when I plug it into my Windows box it is recognized immediately. Mixman DM2 and Mixxx. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. GeekRide 1 4. Jeff Shattock 2 14

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April 30th, 2. Note that not all devices keep all iostat information.

More information about text formats. It turns out that the dm-0 device wasn’t causing the slowness, I had the partitions aligned wrong. How can I enable others channel, d2m example for headphone?

A slight tweak is needed to get the driver to work on a modern kernel; in my case, 3.

Mixman DM2

You could back up dm2. Some commands work, but for example the Crossfader manages the master channel Rob 1 2.

You could also use iostat for the purpose of identifying possible bottlenecks, for example: On my desktop, iostat -p ALL -kx gives 37 lines of stats.


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Where is the documentation for what sda, sdb, dm-0, dm-1 mean Ask Linkx. But it’s a very good answer and there is no easy way to find this info in google: One of these was appropriate to the current case: I installed the driver from herebut when I plug it in my “MIDI Controllers” tab in the mixxx preferences says “No midi devices available.

linux – Where is the documentation for what sda, sdb, dm-0, dm-1 mean – Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

Can you tell me more about your system, like version, kernel version? It doesn’t care about the names, really. Sign up using Facebook. Jawa 3, 8 24 Sign up using Email and Password. But I need some siggestion: Box 61 1 1.

This is because ‘I can not enable the channel to the headphones of creative usb. It’s part of the device mapper in the kernel, used by LVM. I wanted to check the documentation. Slight hassle, though, the kernel doesn’t linkx still while you’re not watching. I haven’t actually plugged in my DM2 since shortly after I got it working The group is then re-split into logical volumes as required treating the physical disks as a single resource to be chopped up and re-sized at will.


Mixman DM2 on Linux; SPIN_LOCK_UNLOCKED | The Hyperlogos

A lot of this stuff is in devices. In your case, try the kinux option, which will give you nice names for your dm devices.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. I use a creative sound card soundblaster live bit, which I use as a Master channel and the integrated sound card for headphones. Sharen Eayrs 1 1 6. At the moment I select channel for sound blaster and I insert my audio cable in front and it works as master.