Conclusion The Avantree Bluetooth 4. Are you having problems when you install your Bluetooth audio device and it fails to install correctly? I would like to use my inbuilt microphone on my Android phone even when phone is paired with car stereo. We have card readers that are integrated with bluetooth , and the software we need will send payment information to the card reader, and get data in return if the payment are accepted or not. Dear Adrian, Are you having problems when you install your Bluetooth audio device and it fails to install correctly? This is a fixed priced project and must be delivered on time and on bid budget, according to the Freelancer’s initial bid only. This guide got it working on my Windows system, Thank you, by the way and I saw that you had a small section for Linux, so in thanks, I am hoping that the little tutorial I have added will round out the excellent information on this page.

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The time-out on the scan is relatively quick, so be sure to initiate pairing mode on your Bluetooth device before starting a scan. A hardware device which includes the Bluetooth receiver and transmitter s.

Review: Avantree Bluetooth Micro USB Dongle | Gough’s Tech Zone

The dongle also had no problems functioning under the bluez Bluetooth stack under Lubuntu It is a shame that CSR made such crappy software, but thank goodness for smart people like you. You can now explore the settings within the Harmony stack and commence adding devices to your system. My company is building a small, custom bluetooth speaker, intended for kids, that has functionality both with and without an accompanying app.


The successful bidder will need to identify a suitable set of standard components and if necessary provide. Thanks for your reply to this thread.

I have an NRF5 to Chip and software written in keil for the chip. If the dongle has been removed, plug it back in and go to Devices and Printers.

Full screen background camera video with UI in the front Buttons, text, etc. January 10, at 3: Thank You so much!! Typically most Class 1 devices advertise a m range whereas Class 2 devices with bluetkoth output power typically advertise a 10m rangehowever, it seems that the 50m claim may be related to the efficiency of its antenna due to small size and possibly to be more in-line with real-world expectations.

Review: Avantree Bluetooth 4.0 Micro USB Dongle

That did the trick!! If you have any doubts, I would recommend exporting the keys you are going to delete into a.

It is assumed that the Freelancer has read the attached project definition before bidding, therefore all bid So you ran into trouble … try this! I too had to remove all keys as above and now my BT headset is working fine now.

January 4, at January 30, at 9: A basic dwe midi controller through hole connection for a 9v dc power supply through hole connections for 2 momentary switches the ability to send midi notes over bluetooth every time the switches bluetoth hit. Or you can revert to the Microsoft default Bluetooth stack by uninstalling the dongle, but that will break proper audio support even if you reinstall the stack unless you clean certain Bluetooth related keys from your registry.


The dongle protrudes about 1cm from the body of the USB port, and the antenna a printed circuit board antenna is on the extreme end of the dongle.

On pushing this button. Hello I need simple react native bluetooth app developer.

April 7, at 3: Performance Pairing devices compared to using older Version 1. At this point, it is best to restart your computer to ensure that the software starts up correctly, despite the wizard not requesting it. Ddse have put link to Inateck dongle drivers here http: Other than that, buttons are added into Microsoft Office as well so that you can send a file directly from the ribbons interface. Will need more detail on the specific error to provide better advice.

September 20, at 5: Vicky WH Li says: Select the device, and click next, and secure simple pairing takes care of the rest. When I completed the next steps it failed to load the A2DP driver, but everything else worked.