Registered Philips eHome Infrared Transceiver with mce emulator interface version 1 [ I have the following USB reciver with a remote control. You would need to search for these programs. In device manager I’ve tried to disable the Microsoft eHome IR Transceiver device, however I guess its been marked as essential hardware as the Disable button is greyed out and unavailable. Troubleshooting the IR receiver The IR receiver is the small device that receives the signals sent by the remote control. Continue by installing the driver from the Driver folder via the Device Manager and ignore all warnings. This is not a question about my “Microsoft ehome Infrared Receiver”.

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Make sure that the batteries for the remote control are installed correctly and charged. Please tell me if I left out something.

I believe It is more of a MCE remote. Jon Egerton 1 8 It sounds like a chicken and egg situation. This page requires Javascript.

eHome IR Transceiver – Windows Workstation!

Super User works best with JavaScript enabled. A single character would be repeated forever. On the Driver tab, click Uninstalland then click OK.

I had a look in the bios but didn’t see an obvious way to disable the hardware from there. Please tell me what should I do ur from here. I need to disable the IR receiver device on my Fujitsu Amilo xi laptop. Below an extract from dmesg showing the Internal Sony ehome transceiver and the external Philips transceiver.


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No driver for eHome IR Transceiver

Before attempting these steps, make sure that PC has been updated with all of the latest Windows updates. Then you need to reboot.

Thanks a lot for the test output and the capture! Aren’t drivers supposed to interface with devices. If possible please look at it and advice if any mistakes been made. Let’s forget about mce remote! If I use this transciever just as plug n play, it transmits signals thru the place shifting device, but as I have said earlier that the remote control has only limited function.

And yes, this was a question of how to control a cable box, receiver, or other IR electronics from a media center pc. In device manager I’ve tried to disable the Microsoft eHome IR Transceiver device, however I guess its been marked as essential hardware as the Disable button is greyed out and unavailable.

How can I make the recorded pronto codes to interact with STB, this what could be very challenging to me. Advanced tab – look for infa red, or Bluetooth What I’d like to do is program a keyboard button or keystroke to generate an IR signal probably identified by code or pre-recorded IR signal on the IR emitter.


It sounds like you want to control media center with your keyboard but if you are wanting to do that, using IR is the wrong approach. Ur windows, this transceiver does show up as a regular Microsoft eHome transceiver.

device manager – Disable Microsoft ehome IR Transceiver in Windows 7 – Super User

But second time its working! Click the Hardware tab and then ehime the Device Manager button. If the pressed buttons continue to repeat, alter the lighting conditions in the room or move the location of the IR receiver. I may be able to understand better after I look at that.

Ah, sorry, I completely forgot about the dynamic device id feature. Exactly that’s what I wanted to do. Expand Human Interface Devices. Below to extract from evtest short press ‘e’ followed by short press ‘h’: