I’m on a System76 first gen Serval with the Elantech Touchpad. This happens 10 to 20 times before the situation returns to normal. Tapping needed to be very hard and the left and right buttons didn’t work. Hey, that worked for me too! I like the twofinger scroll btw:

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Yes, my password is: Wishing you and yours a happy happy new year. Org Foundation” II Synaptics touchpad driver version 1. Install gsynaptics-elantech sudo apt-get install gsynaptics-elantech 4. Tue Jul 07, 6: I am positive that the touchpad works because it used clmpal work under Linux and it still works under Windows installed on the same machine.

The mouse works fine using the Logitech driver, except that I cannot configure any of the touchpad features.

Intel Compal* CELGM1 drivers

Without it, edge scrolling works, but clicking does not. Petri Helin phelin wrote on Adding extended input device “AT Translated Set 2 keyboard” type: I just did an upgrade, and my mouse went from non-working to working. Emmet Hikory persia on When I tried to install above mentioned package, it says there is a later version already installed.


I’ve not coompal a definitive way to fix it.

Intel Compal* CEL81945GM1 Drivers

At the moment I have tapping disabled with option ‘MaxTapTime’ ‘0’ in xorg. Org XInput driver, version 4.

Arjan’s patch is for the vanilla 2. It would be super nice to be able to turn off touch clicking as the slightest brush of my palm while typing sets off a click at this point.

This sometimes means I have to stroke it as many as 10 or even 12 times before it gets where I want.

Simply download the linux-image. Please follow the instructions here: Org X Server 1. Steve Conklin sconklin on Wed Jul 08, 4: Include more information as described on this page: Using a default monitor configuration. Using the first Screen section.

I have tried some of the proposed configurations above and nothing has made my touch pad work. If this one is closed, I will start the search for or create a new ticket for the problem. I’ll assign it to the 2. I’m using a btw for those who don’t know.


Elantech touchpad | NotebookReview

elntech Thanks Ricardo, this should be incorporated in mainstream if a machine says it’s a COMPAL EL80 and it does and is quite linux friendly so it deserves to be there in acpi-fixes list or however it is called in Ubuntu. I still can’t get anything under Linux with this touchpad.

My touchpad stopped working totally with Jaunty. The touchpad does not work at all.

Synaptics capabilities query result 0x00, 0x02, 0x I’m having exactly the same problem as Sterling mentioned above although I’m using a Dell 11z.