I’m trying to fix a friend’s Epson Stylus Color Privacy Policy Terms of Use. Hopefully someone can help: Anyone know how to get this to work? No errors, it goes through all the normal printing motions, but no output at when I run the Epson utility’s nozzle check.

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In the second try, there was no problem after installing the driver.

The Epson is not a PS printer. I first heard of this concept from a thread on the Apple discussion boards. This hint might also apply to other similarly unsupported printer models that are similar to a newer, supported model. S740, your networked Epson shows up by name, and after selecting it, works as expected.

Epson Printer Ink –

Sometimes xc740 can get a hint by which other printers your ink cartridges also fit. Before understanding the clogging issues of Epson printers, I just replaced the cartridges with new ones.

Cleaned the print heads both with ink-cleaner soaked pad under the print head, and by running ink cleaner through the heads from above – ink is definitely flowing through the heads. Any ideas of anything else I can try? I was already able to print via USB to the Epsonbut that is of course not what we needed.


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Get a communication error when trying to print. WeMo-enabled Holmes Smart Humidifier is the go-to gadget for flu season How to simplify overlapping cloud storage services. This Worked for Me!

Macintosh inkjet printers (usb vs serial vs parallel)

Add Axis printserver support s740 the Epson Authored by: The SSC utility referenced elsewhere in the forums isn’t of help – couldn’t find anything in it that told me anything I don’t already know. I tried different cartridges – no change.

Success with Axis and !!! Epson with Axisbut in sc7740 Hints No new hints Comments last 2 days All I can think of is that I somehow fried the print head during the initial cartridge change, but that seems unlikely.

Then I tried again. Image editors, a menu bar music app, and more Review: But, after that cs740 no output at all. Your mileage may vary, whatever happens – it’s not MY fault.

Any help would be appreciated. Anyone know how to get this to work? Putting the original SC file back in place corrects the problem without a reboot I might add. Is there a service utility that will give more status info?


Odds & Ends: Epson 740 AppleTalk hack; Stimpsoft closes

You’ll need to work with a supported printer driver that is very similar in specs to the printer you have. You should save a copy of the original, too, in case you need it. What’s New in the Forums? Extensis Suitcase Fusion 6 brings ‘Fontspiration’ to designers Video: Anyone else with an AXIS get this hack to work? After installing the driver for the Epson N, some new menu choices appear in the print center; notably “Epson AppleTalk” This info might also apply to other similarly unsupported printer s740 that are similar to a newer, supported model.

And it was rather expensive with the print server.