Please download a browser that supports JavaScript, or enable it if it’s disabled i. The lag isn’t quite bad enough for me to go through that effort, though. This is a currently running process: Give it a try and let me know! The problem I am seeing is with the system if it is booted with the docking station plugged via USB. Can you help me on this… I cannot install this because my kernel is under 3.

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The ACP51AUZ came up as an opportunity for free so I thought before spending bigger dollars I would check this out first to see if I could share the equipment between the two fedoga and have only one cable to move to do it. It doesn’t seem to remember that the monitor is set to the left of my laptop.

Files that the rpm deploys: Although you will probably run into similar problems like I do. Reply Quote 3 1 Reply Last reply. Find More Posts by azothforgotten.

Also added a udev rule so that the displaylink unit displayllnk started when the device is plugged in, and stopped when it’s plugged out. As follow up to this. My personal laptop is a ThinkPad T, and is running Fedora full-time.


Let me know if you do enhancements on the spec, so I can put them on my branch. I have Fedora 25, d device and dell latitude I got this working with a bit of finagling with: As with most distro-kernels the 3. Arranging displays only works displaylunk when you set the primary to one of the external displays.


The lag wasn’t a problem until I updated the driver about a week ago. Thanks Eric for the effort but I have problem making the module work on my machine x1 carbon 1 gen. You may have an issue with the udev rule. Unit entered failed state.

Have you tried the latest version 1. Any idea on what I should investigate? And hopefully it will now work with updates from now on. The problem I am seeing is with the system if it is booted with the docking station plugged via USB. The time now is It only shows when I actually plug a display on the hdmi port of the adapter. Module evdi not found which I believe was fixed by installed kernel-devel for the latest kernel release.


Running on Displaylini 25 with kernel 4. I have fedroa using your RPM version 1. Fedora 24 Kernel 4.

How can I build this displaylink driver for fedora 29 | MangoLassi

You do NOT need to downgrade Xorg with this version. Fedora Users Mailing list: Also make sure to install the rpm version release 2 that I uploaded yesterday, as it handles a wider set of devices. When you plug-in the adapter, the displaylink service should be started automatically: I don’t have two devices to test this, but I imagine my rule will stop the service when you unplug the first one, hence stopping a valid displqylink from working.

Also a couple of commands you can try:. One of the prerequisites of the module is a kernel version 3.