And for the exposure unit, we have developed a lighter and high-quality “LED printhead” that supersedes the conventional laser method. By adopting the IH belt containing an electromagnetic induction heating layer several microns thick and using a configuration that increases heating efficiency, we achieved a three-second startup time. Scanning is as easy as copying. This, combined with induction heating IH fusing technology , which reduces the time taken to recover from sleep mode, has made possible a significant overall reduction in device startup time. It also turns paper documents into digital format with increased efficiency. All of these technologies contribute to energy-saving performance exceeding that of other products in the same class comparison of TEC value Note2. Note1 And by utilizing the SoC technology that integrates printer control devices on a single chip, we successfully reduced the printer’s power consumption to 5 W for the energy-saving sleep mode in which communication with a network is retained.

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While the printer is in deep sleep mode, power consumption is xeroc 4 W or less. The machines comply with the International Energy Star Program and Green Procurement Law, which was introduced by the Japanese government to promote the procurement of “green commodities. Thanks to our optical parts and image processing algorithms, the fiji provide image quality as stable as that achieved using a xenon lamp at high speed. Labeled as Fuji Xerox recyclable product, achieving the Company’s high standards in the usage rate of recycled and reusable parts by manufacturing in a closed-loop production process.

Encrypts data when storing to hard disk optional. By incorporating this printhead, the motor used to rotate a polygon mirror is no longer necessary, and thus can be eliminated. True 1, dpi for color printing. The products are also designed collor that parts can be reused and recycled. Sends data to multiple PCs and servers simultaneously.


Fuji Xerox Launches New DocuCentre Color Series FujiXerox

As users can load paper and replace consumables from the front side, the space required for operating the printer is kept to a minimum. In addition to a management services function for copying, printing and scanning functions, the machine optionally offers functions to encode data copied onto disk when copying or printing, then either overwrite or delete it.

The product was also acclaimed for reducing the number of printed documents to be held in stock, as well as the amount of paper to be discarded, thanks to its feature unique to digital printing devices of being able to print the required number of copies at the required time.

And for the exposure unit, we have developed a lighter and high-quality “LED printhead” that supersedes the conventional laser method.

exrox A basic unit defined by Fuji Xerox is used to calculate CO 2 emissions based on product weight. Protects documents with high confidentiality by requiring the user to enter the password when printing. Docuentre linkage between the energy-saving digital color multifunctional device and the software that promotes the digitization of printed documents was highly evaluated.

The warm-up time has been reduced to 45 seconds. Sales docjcentre on January For these products, we have applied our technologies to reduce power consumption during product use, as well as CO 2 emissions during the product manufacturing process.

The noise level is less than the level of background noise in an office. With this controller, communication with a network can be retained even when the controller’s CPU is powered off.


With these new technologies, we have reduced energy consumption to 2. The EA toner has been highly evaluated for its color reproducibility. Power consumption during energy-saving mode is 3. Reads documents at 50 ppm A4 long-edge feed. In addition, the use of a light-emitting diode LED printhead has produced even further reductions in noise levels.

Apple FujiXerox Printer Drivers 3.1 for Mac OS X

By converting the reduction in product weight to CO 2 emissions, Note2 the reduction in product weight is equivalent to reducing 3, kg of CO 2 emissions per unit.

The award-winning products are equipped with Smart WelcomEyes Advance 2 – technology that enables a multifunction device to detect whether a user intends to interact with it and automatically wake from sleep mode accordingly. By using a fencing circuit Note3 that can prevent current leakage during sleep mode, we have reduced power consumption during sleep mode to 1.

DocuCentre Color a 1, yen. Derox technology accelerates energy conservation in offices. And by using our emulsion aggregation technology, we have developed EA-Eco toner having a fusing temperature that is 20 degrees lower than that of our previous EA toner.

The products also have a toner-saving function and are designed to be easily recycled. In order to cut CO 2 emissions in the manufacturing process, we used biomass docucenrte for the drum covers. Requires set numbering enhancement kit.

Equipped with copier, printer, fax and scanner functions. Suggested Price tax excluded.