Printer Operates Erratically User Guide Miscellaneous Problems The printer motors do not run and the printer does not warm up. Use the follow- ing procedure to enter the Status Menu: The option to print the manual has also been provided, and you can use it by clicking the link above – Print the manual. Pull on the recessed area on the rear of the offset catch tray to open the rear cover. Installing the offset catch tray while the printer is on may damage the printer or the offset catch tray. Turn the printer on by pressing the [ I ] on the power switch on the front left of the printer.

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Downloading to your computer – You can also download the user manual Genicom microLaser to your computer and keep it in your files. Proceed one step at a time until the problem is solved—you may not need to complete the entire procedure. Room Lights Dim Or Flicker When Genico Starts User Guide Miscellaneous Problems Broken and dangling components or scraps imcrolaser paper lodged inside the printer may be brush- ing against moving parts and causing the noise.

Page User Guide Installing the Sheet Paper Feeders Turn the printer off by pressing [ O ] on the power switch on the left front of the printer. Push the new feed roll and nudger roll onto their shafts until the retaining tabs click into place. Page 96 microLaser User Guide Paper Jams If there is paper jammed around the genocom unit, lift up the fuser unit release levers on the left and right sides of the fuser and remove the jammed paper.

Adjust the paper guide to the size of the envelopes or postcards you are using. Using a soft cloth that is slightly damp with cold water, wipe the printer covers and tray faces. Do not mix print media sizes in the front tray; for example, do not load a stack that includes two geniocm more different sizes of paper.

Genicom microLaser 210 Series

Since there is always benicom possibility of damaging delicate printer components by careless- ness or vigorous cleaning methods, GENICOM recommends that you clean the interior only when you are instructed to do so by a service representative or in a troubleshooting proce- dure presented in this manual. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Squeeze the lock microkaser on the inside right of the face up tray, and slide it toward you.


Correcting Miscellaneous Duplexer Problems Some duplexer problems may not cause an error message and may not interfere with the operation of the printer. Page 42 microLaser User Guide Loading the Front Tray Do not mix print media in the front tray; for example, do not load a stack that includes both envelopes and standard paper.

About the Face Up Tray The face up tray is an optional output tray that attaches to the top rear of the printer and can hold up to printed sheets. Page of Go. Reinstalling the software is an easy and inexpensive way to isolate or eliminate the problem. Press the button on the top of the front cover to release the cover, and open the front cover. Removing the Face Up Tray Use the following procedure to remove the face up tray: Blank page The sealing tape of the toner Pull out the sealing tape.

Repetitive defects The paper path is dirty.

Horizontal, sturdy, and stable surface Location with good ventilation Location with stable temperature and humidity Exposed genicim direct sunlight Page 73 User Guide Replacing Printer Components Unclip the retaining tabs on the end of the feed roll and nudger roll, and remove the rolls from their shafts.

Turn the printer on by pressing the [ I ] on the power switch on the front left of the printer.

Genicom microLaser user manual – – Solve your problem

Printer Orientation Pay close attention to these sec- tions and read genicmo fully to prevent possible injury. Page 67 User Guide Replacing Printer Components Grasp the toner cartridge firmly and pull the sealing tape straight out from the cartridge.

Page 10 User Guide Publication No. Control Panel Features User Guide Control Panel Features About this Chapter This chapter explains the control panel and its functions, and also demonstrates how to navigate throughout the various menus and submenus that allow you to view and change the printer set- tings.


About The Sheet Feeder User Guide About the Sheet Feeder About this Chapter This chapter provides all of the information necessary to install, use, and maintain the sheet paper feeder option, including procedures for cleaning the feeder and removing paper jams. Page microLaser User Guide Maintaining the Sheet Feeder Press the locks genucom the left 2110 right of the retard roll inside the paper tray, and lift the microlsaer to open the retard roll cover.

Page User Guide Maintaining the Sheet Feeder Push the new retard roll onto the shaft until the retaining micrilaser clicks into place. The four indicators can each be on, off, or blink- ing, indicating different phases of printer operation. The printer can accommodate both plain paper and other print media, and feeds paper from either a main sheet paper tray or from the front tray, which is designed to feed special print media such as labels and transparencies.

Control panel Provides access to all controls required to Paper exit slot operate the printer. Status Menu User Guide Status Menu Status Menu In addition to the main menus listed above, the printer also provides a status menu that allows you to view the current settings for the input and output trays and the toner cartridge.

To avoid paper jams and other paper transportation mkcrolaser, make sure the length and width guides are adjusted to match the paper micrilaser and are locked firmly into place Squeeze the right width mcrolaser, lift it up, and adjust the guides to match the paper width.

Page User Guide Solving Envelope Feeder Problems If you are using the paper tray in its extended position, remove it from the printer.