ASAN was incompatible with grsecurity, but now that that’s out of the way, there’s no reason not to investigate it further. Version bump bug by Nuno Lopes. VDPAU wrapper and trace libraries. Due to the way the drivers are packaged, it is necessary to make some choices before installing the drivers. Perhaps this is the right time. Archived from the original on December 24, Weekly Releases started [59].

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Gentoo package bvidia is designed to be modularportableeasy to maintain, and flexible. September 11, [ citation needed ]. And Pelican looks to be a good solution to do so. The utility is part of the policycoreutils package.

That doesn’t mean that users who want to stick with the grsecurity related hardening features are left alone. However, over the years Gentoo has suffered from a dropping popularity.

The PAT method creates a partition type table at a specific address mapped inside the register and utilizes the memory architecture and instruction set more efficiently and faster.

If the symlink is not pointing to the correct sources, update the link by selecting the number of the desired kernel sources, as in the example above.

DesktopServerSource-based Status: Please ensure that this symlink is pointing to the correct sources and that the kernel is correctly hardend. Thus, Gentoo users may upgrade to the latest version of all of their installed software the day that new versions are released and have an ebuild available. Major changes, such as changing the layout of how files are installed across the entire system, typically involve a profile upgrade and may require rebuilding all installed software.


Switch to Gentoo sources – Simplicity is a form of art

For U EFI systems, uvesafb will not work. Put back the old stable for now Package-Manager: Personally though, I’m switching to the Gentoo sources, and stick with SELinux as one of nviria protection measures.

This is one of the latest and newest additions to the Nvidia driver modules option. But one of the things that was making my efforts somewhat more … more Raise kernel version compatibility Package-Manager: Within Gentoo Hardened, several projects are active that help further harden a Gentoo system through:. Optional features of individual packages, for example whether they require LDAP support, can be selected by the user and any resulting package requirements are automatically included in the set of dependencies.

Add the driver download URL for easier branch selection This would arguably help people find out which branch to pick for their hardware, yet it wasn’t documented properly anywhere. The move to nvidia was quite simple, as the nvidia-drivers wiki article on the Gentoo getoo was quite easy to follow. The nvidia kernel module accepts a number of parameters options which can be used to tweak the behavior of the driver.

You’ve might already read it on the Harened news site, the Hardened Linux kernel sources are removed from the tree due to the grsecurity change where the grsecurity Linux kernel patches are no longer provided for free.

Gentoo Linux

The following overview July 29, is non-exhaustive. I am not going to enable it for the hsrdened though as some KSPP implemented measures are incompatible with ASAN as welland probably not for my complete workstation yet even though it is sufficiently powerful to handle the major performance impact. Update compatible kernel versions bug by Manfred Knick. That doesn’t mean gentoi users who want to stick with the grsecurity related hardening features are left alone.


In between courses, I pushed out live ebuilds for the SELinux userspace applications: The portage tree contains over 19, packages ready for installation in a Gentoo system. The goal was to create a distribution without precompiled binaries that was tuned to the hardware and hvidia included required programs.

A message bus system, a simple way for applications to talk to each other. The Gentoo penguin is thought to be the fastest underwater-swimming penguin. Once Gentoo is installed, it becomes effectively ” versionless “; that is, once an emerge update is done, the system is completely current, with all the latest software readily available to it subject to restrictions that a user may have specified in their Portage configuration files.

Finally source your new profile settings:. And with that, I might even start using my NVidia graphics card a bit more, as that one hasn’t been touched in jardened years I have an Optimus-capable setup with both an Intel integrated graphics card and an NVidia one, but all attempts to use nouveau for the one game I like to play – minecraft – didn’t work out that well.

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