The Curvex-Ristside Fraternity which had long, stepped, hinged lugs, used the Curvex. I’m not sure why. Very rare design with rolled tank lugs. It still has the plastic on the dial face and back. You may also be interested in these watches.

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I’m not sure why.

Gruen Curvex 14k | eBay

Skip to main content. The box shows off the watch’s curved shape. This website might help you sort it all out: Dials can be redone or swapped with another watch; it’s the movement inside that counts. The diamonds on the watch are factory s Noticed the dial has wear in areas. Self winding watch with second hand in box at the bottom. It sets smoothly, but it does not wind smoothly. This watch has never been worn.

One model, the Varsity, is not a Curvex, but uses Gruen calibre Gruen, as well as their competitors, always ran special advertisements at graduation time.

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After being on Omega Forums a few years I’ve noticed scarcely any Curvex discussion or photos. I am now interested in acquiring a proper Gruen Curvex long case with or movnt. When a Gruen Curvex is not Lovely, but you should also post a picture of the side, in profile!

Designed to be worn on the side of the wrist, they place the dial in line with the base of the thumb. Band is in very good condition too! Contemporary Curvex and Veri-Thin movements often are closely related, and can share many parts.

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This watch is in non-running condition, with a broken balance staff. February 12th, 8.

Vintage Gruen Curvex watches feature the 10k gold filling. Options Copy link to this post. A normal leather strap is awkward to use with these watches, because the buckle ends up on the little-finger side of the wrist, opposite the watch. I wear every watch, to make sure it is running to my standards. Some Veri-Thin models have curved cases and most have curved dials, so it is common see these incorrectly represented as Curvex models, since Curvexes command higher prices.


Gruen Curvex: Wristwatches | eBay

Any tips on where to search for a crystal? Reference – curfex kt solid gold. This watch case is all grken. It has a curved back. Be sure to read the information carefully. Here is a vintage 10k gold filled curfew precision 17jewels ladies watch. Show original text Show translation Rolled gold Inner box and warranty Brandizzi 12 months Was this translation helpful? The minute hand i When a Gruen Curvex is not There are some less-than-honest types out there that will slap a Curvex dial on a non-Curvex watch.

The rest are gold dots. Men’s watches typically square directly into the strap, whereas the women’s case designs often feature more tapering, by either coming to a point where they meet the strap, or rounding off into an oval-type shape.