Call the flush method on the driver to copy Editor state into the bean hierarchy. An object that supports editing zero or more properties of a bean. In this case, the call to subscribe may return null. This allows the use of interfaces for defining the Editor hierarchy. But I don’t get it working from within the presenter. CompositeEditor CompositeEditor allows an unknown number of homogenous sub-Editors to be added to the Editor hierarchy at runtime.

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Editor (GWT Javadoc)

The GWT Editor framework edditor extensive use of code generation. I couldn’t find a way for the view implementation to NOT know the model but I don’t think it’s really necessary. Because everything is done at compile-time by inspecting classes, it means everything is based on the types you use in your interface declaration and for sub-editors, see below, the field ggwt method declarations.

Editor subtypes In addition to the Editor interface, the Editor framework looks for these specific interfaces to provide basic building blocks for more complicated Editor behaviors.

The SimpleBeanEditorDriver provides just that: Quickstart Import the com. On one hand you have an object graph that you want to display or edit, and on the other hand a set of widgets let’s call them editorswe’ll see the why later.

How can I edit objects with a large number of properties?


GWT 2.1 Editors

The basic Editor type is simply a parameterized marker interface that indicates that a type conforms to the editor contract or informal protocol. The editr returned from this method will be assigned to the bean being edited e. Most widgets displaying or editing values are already editors most are actually IsEditor s of editor adapters: An approach similar to what was used in an earlier version of the Expenses sample worked for me: There are several kinds of editors:.

CompositeEditor CompositeEditor allows an unknown number of homogenous sub-Editors to be added to the Editor hierarchy at runtime. Marco Jakob 10 During a flush, editors have an opportunity to report errors that will be available as EditorError s. All of these core Editor sub-interface can be mixed at will.

An interface that the view should implement. But before you edit editorr object, you’ll first have to initialize the editor driver with the actual editor instance to be used. The only expected behavior of an Editor is that it will provide access to its sub-Editors via one or more of the following mechanisms: This section will document these interfaces and provide examples of how the Editor framework will interact with the API at runtime.

Can I use Editors to view read-only data?

To reduce the amount of generics boilerplate, most types are equipped with a static of method to instantiate the adapter type. If You’ve done some improvements on this please let me know.


By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. The wildcard is used so that the presenter does not need to know the concrete view implementation: But I don’t get it working from within the presenter. HasEditorErrors indicates that the Editor wishes to receive any unconsumed errors reported by sub-Editors through EditorDelegate.


By implementing IsEditorthe Widgets need only implement the single asEditor method, which gtw the Widgets from any API changes that may occur in the component Editor logic. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Post as a guest Name. This makes the Editor framework a very good friend of UiBinder! Support arbitrary composition of Editors.

Arbitrary data can be attached to the generated EditorError by using the userData parameter. If you had a BagOfState type with many properties, it might make sense to write several Editor types that edit conceptually-related subsets of the properties: The Deitor framework allows multiple Editors to edit the same object:.