LoopBe1 has that option too in the paid for version of the program. When you use Bounce Metronome with other midi programs such as software synths, notation software and sequencers, you need some way to connect the programs together via midi. Personal tools Log in. These instructions are for Windows. Otherwise – same as for XP. When all the software is running on the same computer, a hardware cable would slow things down as the midi protocol for sending messages through a midi cable has quite a low bit rate.

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If this seems ooopback intuitive – think of it as like connecting the out of your midi keyboard to the In of your computer using a hardware cable.

After download right click on the installer and choose “Trouble shoot compatibility”. Just follow through the instructions one step at at time and you can’t go wrong – they have step by step instructions for all the Windows operating systems with screen shots of every stage on the web site.

Loopbe1 and other programs of its nubi imitate the hardware approach in software. Midi Yoke Junction is easy to install on XP if you follow the right link on its download page ignore the pictorial instructions – but has an issue if you use it on XP with Giga, also needs UAC temporarily disabled to install it on Vista – see next section.

It does no harm to install several of them at once. Choose the other virtual cable as the Out device in FTS and the In device in the soft synth or sampler. Set your notation software to use the same device for Midi output.


They are nidi fast. Then you choose one of those new devices as the midi Out device in the software which sends the notes, and the same device as your In device mid the software that receives the notes.

On Windows 8 you may need to run it in compatibility mode. Check out the Astonishing Bounce Metronome Pro Beginners find the bounce wonderfully easy to work with.

Hubi’s MIDI Loopback Device 1.0 Download

Simlarly – you connect the Out of the sending software to the In of the receiving software, using a software cable, hhbi virtual midi cable. Otherwise – same as for XP.

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Virtual midi cable

LoopBe1, LoopMidi, hubk Midi Yoke all on the same computer if you need even more virtual cables for some reason. Use two virtual cables.

You need something similar to the midi cables used to connect midi hardware together. Loopbe1 has loopback detection which can cause it to disable itself if it receives too many notes in too short a time – which can lead to it switching itself off when relaying fast fractal tunes or velocity tuning keyswitches.

You can daisy chain more midi programs together, by using more virtual cables.

Free Hubis MIDI Loopback Device Download

It adds extra entries to your out and in menus. All except LoopBe1 come with several virtual cables installed as preset.

You can connect programs together with a midi cable, if your computer has physical in and out midi ports. Retrieved from ” http: Midi Yoke Junction is also an excellent choice for most users. Many new software midi cables have been developed since then. Ignore the pictorial instructions for XP. If you want to relay the notes from Bounce Metronome to a soft synth, choose the virtual midi cable as the Out device in Bounce Metronome and the In device in the soft synth.


Virtual midi cable – Bounce Metronome

Loopbe1 is very easy to install and use. Professional musicians are amazed by its advanced rhythm capabilities Or, get your free download Free day trial Free taster bounce metronome, yours to keep Or, find out more: Hubi’s loopback was the first of these – but it is now only used on old operating systems like Windows To do this, choose LoopBe1 or any of the other virtual midi cables as the Out device in the notation software and choose the same cable as the In device in Bounce Metronome.

When you use Bounce Metronome with other midi programs such as software loopbacj, notation software and sequencers, you need some way to connect the programs together via midi. Contents 1 See Also 2 Intro 3 Software midi cables – how to use them 3.