It didn’t work without both. All Solution or GTX check here: I would try the original retail method sometimes later using the multibeast method Bootloader – Chameleon 2 RC4 Shutdown and reboot work fine. BlueTooth adapter – works. Already have an account?

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Any version of VoodoHDA below 2. Drivers from the vendor [65].

Most dongles compatible but a bluefish dongle bundled with bluetooth keyboard did not work. Moved to port0 afterwards to get rid of ‘Still waiting for root device’. AHCI mode only with disk in port0.

iatkos L2 | Damien’s Adventures

All hardware is running smoothly on bit: No kexts or patches at all. We want to keep it as accurate as possible, but please, do not entirely rely on this list when buying hardware. Again, I did not use ANY kexts or patches at all. There’s no systemwide EQ on osx, so you might check out an app called “Hear.


Download Installersalso works for epud3l use guide [37] Everything works on my system; qe, sleep with no issues, sound, 64bit.

HCL 10.6.3

Lan Marvell 88E works! Works with GTX using fermi package Monitor: Also works with Find the X58 patch installer and make your Snow partition bootable with Chameleon, install iatoks kexts you need. Logged in from Windows 7, downloaded your. Sleep cause freeze and you must do hard reset to restart. EFI-Strings tested on myHack installation method. If not, you may get the error ‘still waiting for root device’ at the command prompt, press F8 and boot with “-v busratio”, also you need to add these arguments into your “com.

Add which parts you have working in ethermet categories listed below, or create a new category.

IDE not tested Everything else works fine without any problem but with updating to All Solution or GTX check here: Everything works on my system; qe, sleep with no issues, sound, 64bit.

I’m not sure what all is different, but it has more thorough detection etherneet kext loading for finicky things like hyperthreading on p4 boxes.


KEXT Works like a charm! Install Snow Leopard on primary partition. The categories themselves are ordered by popularity. I find reboot times are quicker without them. For a great guide the installation should be based on blackosx’s notes.

Post-installation was the biggest problem for me as kernel panics became a familiar sight on boot. Crystal Eye Webcam enabler kext, anyone??

SPDIF istkos also listed, though it wasn’t tested. For more information, look here.

Than updated straight to Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Maybe I just need to get a new bios but the max ram multiplier was 4. Still feeling like shit now.