Recycle or Disposal Information If you have any questions about recycle or disposal of your monitor, please call Customer Service A Good quality large screen monitor offering from Iiyama who have a long and distinguished history of providing the best CRT monitors in the 90s. It is shameful that the monitor manufacturers think we will all be satisfied with these TV style Reducing the environmental impact of our products starts with the product design phase. We recommend that you use the standard functionality of the graphics card driver. With a resolution of x pixels, this iiyama ProLite monitor delivers a crisp and vivid output.

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Pld2607ws your manual for details. Or use our search toolor contact iiyama and talk to one of our sales respresntitives. Alternatively you can email us directly. See the link below for local or national vendors. Unplug the power cord from the monitor when cleaning, for your own safety. Concerning gaming, I tried it briefly with “Crysis” at full settings and there was no apparent display ghosting or oiyama so it appears to be plenty satisfactory in terms of response speed for gaming and video.

In practice, a defective pixel is barely visible to the naked eye.

iiyama ProLite ProLite E2607WS-B 26″ Widescreen LCD Monitor, built-in Speakers

In some areas the color is pple2607ws greater than that of a CRT, in others its less bluebut that is not crucial for a print. With a DVI connection the picture quality is always perfect. You may also like. Almost all iiyama monitors reset to factory settings reset.


Test software Here you can download the test picture Download Drivers for touchscreens Please check the download tab available within a specific product. When moving images are displayed, the image sometimes seem blurry. IP54 means that the monitor will operate in dusty conditions, and will resist splashing water. The color temperature is automatically set to Kelvin.

Product returned under DOA must be in orginal packaging and contain all accessories. Yes, it is possible to connect two Multi Touch displays to one PC. Note that even special wipes for monitors may contain corrosive agents. When installing the screens, 1 screen must be installed and calibrated before attaching the second device.

Putting an end to choppy gameplay, broken frames and delivering fluid artifact-free performance. With a resolution of x pixels, this iiyama ProLite monitor delivers a crisp and vivid output. It is shameful that the monitor manufacturers think we will all be satisfied with these TV style It all begins here. The driver contains the color profile of your monitor, it can be installed on Windows operating systems, which can increase colour performance if used.

Drivers for manufacturers Iiyama to Monitors

Overall it does the job well, seems to run quite cool and I find I am generally very satisfied by it’s performance. Show More Show Less. Featuring a contrast ratio of Yes, iiyama provides monitors with protective glass. Iiyama Computer Monitors iiyama ProLite. Iiyama will however exchange or repair a LCD monitor if there are lot more pixels than acceptable.


If a black vertical line appears on the screen, apply a light shock to the side of the monitor with your hand.

However, pl2607ws of this form is voluntary and failure to do so does not affect this standard warranty coverage as long as proof of purchase is provided. Select the black triangle of ple2067ws screen in the botton of the window and click on ‘Configure’. IPS offers good response times and can achieve a degree of high colour accuracy, making it suitable in some Graphics Applications, and also offers enhanced viewing angles. Warranty Exclusions Due to the nature of the DiamondtronTM NF CRT, in rare cases, a misalignment of the aperture grille may happen by the shock or vibration caused during transportation.

If this product experiences a major failure within 30 days of the ple207ws date, INA will replace the defective unit immediately if a replacement product is available in inventory.

Your monitor is not optimally set yet, you can do the auto setup of the monitor.