Models that accept downloadable soft fonts include support for the HP euro soft fonts. Models with numbers slightly higher than the numbers listed above are supported by the models with next lowest number. If your printer connects to your computer through a network connection or a USB cable, you must install your printer for use in Windows, and you absolutely, positively must study and use one of this site’s methods of printing from WPDOS to a network or USB printer. If you insist on buying these printers, you will not be able to use any font other than Courier when printing from WPDOS 5. For PostScript Level 3 printers, try the generic drivers available from this page.

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In some models that lack a control panel, including the LaserJet 5P, j3608, 6P, 6MP,, and series, this option may also be set semi-permanently by sending this small file darkcour. These drivers are experimental; if you encounter any problems with them, please contact me. Although not strictly a printer-driver issue, the question is sometimes asked: But you can very easily find out for yourself.

ALL file downloaded from this page or anywhere else on this site, you must rename any UPPER-CASE file name to its lower-case equivalent, and append the two-letter file extension that corresponds to your “locale” for example.

How do I install these printer drivers? Console-based non-graphic versions of WordPerfect numbered 6. I have never used WordPerfect for Linux except to print one or two test pages; I have never tested j360 Ghostscript drivers under Linux; and I printeg vouch for the accuracy of anything in this section. Ask a Question Usually answered in minutes!

If you don’t know how to download and install a printer driver read the instructions! When printing from WPDOS, you may find that extra pages with nonsense prlnter are printed at the end of every print job.


SOLVED: Driver for windows 98 for laserjet series – Fixya

Hewlett Packard Officejet This printer is efficient. The “Standard Printer” driver is absolutely minimal in function; my drivers and the original WP Corp.

I have tried to include complete support for the extensive sets of resident fonts in recent Lexmark models.

This all in one inkjet printer produces black and white text and graphics at x DPI resolution for clean, clear images. So, i f and only if you have one of the printers listed in the paragraph immediately above, and you printwr to install Dark Courier TrueType fonts because your printer is a LaserJet that does not support Dark Courier in its built-in hardware settings, you may download a set of regular, bold, italic, and bold italic Dark Courier fonts from HP’s web site.

These drivers do nothing at all for Microsoft Word for Windows.

HP OfficeJet 6310 All-In-One Inkjet Printer

To use the full font sets in these printers, you can generally use the PostScript driver for the same printeror, in some cases, purchase a font DIMM an add-in chip that will match the printef support from earlier models.

Full instructions may be found on HP’s web site.

Variations on this technique may be used to set other defaults for HP printers that lack a control panel. After downloading the self-extracting pprinter, run the file in a temporary directory, then run the extracted WP51ALL.

This printer was purchased as a factory refurbished unit primarily because it was one of a very few printers which used the particular ink cartridges of which we had an oversupply after its’ predecessor died.


I have never run one into the ground. I have recommended this AIO to all of my frinds and family.

I cannot guarantee that these drivers will work with your specific printer! Either 1 take the printer back to the shop and exchange it for one of the Hewlett Packard models that are listed on this page; or 2 devote vast amounts of time and effort to making the printer work with this site’s slow workaround methods of printing to any Windows printer.

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Printers that support PostScript Level 3 are shipped with TrueType soft fonts that match the fonts in the printers. Note that some of these printers work only with a USB cables or network connections, not a traditional parallel cable, and therefore must be used with this site’s techniques for printing to USB and network printers. It can print 25 transparencies at a time. Be sure to plug power into a wall outlet and not a surge protector or you may have power issuses when faxing.

If you are nervous about using the drivers on this site, try Corel’s site first. If you see a message asking if you want to overwrite an pdinter file, choose Yes. Please enter a valid email address. All the “Do not buy” printers require complicated workarounds when printing from DOS applications. Full instructions may be found on HP’s web site. PostScript support wln98 the drivers listed above, however, includes dpi text and graphics in all printers that can print at that resolution.