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If you are new to Robert Keeley Electronics Sound, try this pedal. No, create an account now. This is the pedal if you are looking for the cranked Fender Super amplifier ieeley.

Keeley Boss Blues Driver BD-2 questions/ do I need the upgrade? | The Gear Page

Yeah, if you like the way it sounds then don’t mod it. Stratm69May 25, For tone-purists, this is it! May 25, 4. May 25, 1. May 25, 9. Your name or email address: One of the best parts is that it has tremendous volume output.

Do you already have an account? I love my Keeley BD2. Yes, my password is: Less fizzy on bluea top end, more low end, very wide range of volume and tone.


Just like to get some more details to see if it’s worth getting it modified. I like the stock Blues Driver also, the phat mod isn’t a huge enhancement. May 25, 3.

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Keeley’s website, other than saying how great it is, doesn’t really go into much detail about it. Mors you could find out exactly what all the changes to the stock pedal are. Plus, we add our “Phat switch” to allow even more of your natural low end through for those times when you need a little more beef!

We’ve added some “new” guys to the moderator crew. BurgundyMistMay 25, FenderBigotMay 25, Same goes for all the posts I read here. I did not care for the BD2 stock, too much “fizz” and “ice pick” treble content for my tastes.

Keeley Boss Blues Driver BD-2 questions/ do I need the upgrade?

May 25, May 25, 8. Customers tell me on a daily basis, it’s the sound they’ve been looking for for years; it sounds like their rig without the “distortion-pedal-carpet” over their amplifier. Okay, I get that it’s “phat,” but is the other position on the toggle the keeleg setting?


I didn’t like the keeley mod because it got rid of the treble content and added bass which obviously made it more fat but I prefer to retain as much high end without the fizz. Picked up a stock BD-2 recently and I love it. I think he might have raised his prices since I bought mine, because they seem to be more expensive now, but I might be wrong.

The Gear Page is run by musicians for musicians. May 25, 2. I owned the phat ones and didn’t get much out of them.