Not an IT pro? Anyone has made these worked? This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. In case you run into problems and cannot boot into your machine, boot into the live usb. One can get wireless to work without flaw.

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Brunello, You have to enable the PPA, then apt-get install the xserver-xorg-video-psb. I tried to identify which effect was causing it but even after turning all effects off it still caused the kohjihsha bar. Install ubuntu as usual with grub 6. Unfortunately no mention of ways to use dd to solve world hunger, poverty and bring peace to mankind.

I’ve been having a weird problem lately; my Kohjinsha will only boot when it’s plugged into the wall; it won’t work otherwise it hangs with the blinking cursor, just kohjinxha when using Ubuntu’s grub loader instead of a live cd or the openSUSE grub loader.

Wlan and Video Drivers. Hi, I have the same winn7 on my Kohjinsha SX3 using the same chipset. Open file for writing, stuff in 0-bytes until the partition is full, then close the file and remove it.

Yeah I kind of mis-typed that. I tried boot it with USB pen with Ubuntu 8.


Kohjinsha Laptop UMPC User Thread – Page 92 –

Well, my sh8 doesn’t have a gps so I don’t know. Now from the newly loaded grub boot menu select the ubuntu option.

Check this out wh8 more info: I think I will try the grub2 one next because syslinux, requires you to sit there and wait for grub to come up while booting You can do this by making a bootable grub floppy http: Also, I am trying to get mplayer-vaapi working and have not had much luck. Compared to this, adding drivers kohjlnsha the kernel and recompiling the kernel which i originally intended to do now seems a huge waste of time and effort and quite frequent to keep up with new kernel releases.

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It would be nice to have a base, though. Create a small fat32 partition a few MB’s, or more if you round to cylinders in gparted for syslinux. What puzzles me is why their reload works whereas all my attempts to install a new image doesn’t! I only know that it uses a Hitachi Travelstar. Brunello, I have gotten the SC3 to output to a projector with dual monitor setup.

So, if anyone else has had luck with mint please say so and I’ll just go that route to begin with You can install from the liveCD. Keep me posted if you find any workarounds. I was going to “give thanks” to the people in this thread, but apparently ubuntu forums removed the “thanks” feature. Hi, for boot problem I read hanzenegger http: By wi7n to browse this site, you agree to this use.


Dear all, Anyone have a good working Kohjinsha harddisk to spare I know you can do this use dd over ethernet Ofcourse we could all be wrong and the problem might be with grub legacy which as we all know is badly unmaintained. Its many options however can confuse a lot many newbies. I’ve had koujinsha trouble outputting to an external display and had to mess around with wireless, but I’ve had it working months now no problems.

If you only want to backup particular partitions, partimage is the way to go. wiin7

Firstly, backup all your data. Check its contents as well. I read something goes wrong about the ethernet device.