It’s too new to jump to conclusions however but seems to be working fine. And it’s refreshing to be able to use several new devices together without any driver installation hassle! Are you removing the card to replace it with another expresscard? His later reply after trying the SI site 1. You can also do a “MD5” compare on files from the terminal but the large DMG example is easier for most.

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Helpful in some ways, but not completely. Slightly inconvenient but I can live with that! I wonder if it is such a fundamental change in Snow that Apple might not be of some help with this problem. So far the successes seem to be rather random. Off Topic for SL: Then I tried it the other way around. Aside from pulling in some usenet rar’s I’ve also copied a whole lot of data from the express34 connected drive drive1 to an usb2 connected drive drive2.

Sonnet USB 3.0 ExpressCard|34

Install the right drivers SiI 1. Connecting by other means firewire shows that it is not an issue with the hard drive but with the expressccard itself. I do have the latest firmware and have had no problems with the drive in the past.


Then I will start using them and after a month or so, the problem re-appears. I plugged in the card, which worked just fine. Hi there, I have been reading Rafal Lamberts mail which recommends leaf-computers eSata Express Cards as a lacir to the desperate problem of no eSata connection to my external hard drives due to upgrading to Snow Leopard.

But I’ve also had others report problems in the past and recently with Sil cards PCIe and Expresscardexpresscad last week’s news had posts regarding needed 64bit driver updates for Snow Leopard. It supports booting from drives attached to it. In his case a natively supported JMicron chip based card.

MBP early non-unibodyosx And I forgot to mention.

MacBook Pro owner reports on ExpressCards

In the past though some had problems with the SI site ref drivers but not sonnet’s installer despite it often being the same version – perhaps something in their installer helped? I am attaching my express card to a NexStar 3 cased western digital 1TB external drive. Lastly, after repeated copies back and forth of large.

Aside from just mounting the. I use standard Samsung Spinpoint drives and not the server grade drives as Google’s Hard Drive failure rate research paper suggests little significant differences in drive reliability once past a higher twelve month initial failure rate for standard drives. My backups are on the RAID system, silly me for using a redundant error-correcting system for my backups.


I’ll experiment some more today. For me, it worked out of the box, without needing any drivers with Is it still functioning Rafal?

I’m running a 17″MBP When this happens, it looks like the drive initially shuts down writes and then eventually powers itself off or stops responding to commands. The only issue I see now is the need to power off the machine to remove the card.

But he later wrote with a fix I figured it out. Corruption includes copy issues, integrity issues, and eventually un-repairable drive that can’t be written to, but I can read data from.

Snow Leopard Incompatibility With Many eSATA Cards

Unfortunately, the sata connection did not work. Here’s the first report on one: Bus error I’ve contacted OWC about it, no response yet. I just found out that I can’t make a bootable Striped Raid volume on the DP because the chipset in the Express34 card doesn’t support bootability according to Sonnet’s email to me.