It seems like there’s a compatibility issue with win 10, my controller was working well under win 8. I hope this makes sense! The controller has a midi port next to it. Official Representatives Dan R Employee. Because the MKC works in Ableton, that shows the controller itself is working fine. Peter Lecuyer November 09,

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Just plug it into you USB port and your computer should recognize it as Midi equipment. Make sure you turn auto update off!

Cheers How does this make you feel? By the way, the MK series are Class Compliant which means that it doesn’t require any drivers for it.

Get Satisfaction uses Javascript and cookies. Is there anyone with a work around on this issue?

M-Audio Evolution MK-449C Manuals

So I decided to remove the usb port from the motherboard, had a look to make sure the port was not faulty, I returned it back on the motherboard and re-soldered again. But could the fact that the Axiom has additional drumpads create an issue for the Mk? I’m glad that evolutioh keyboard works great as I was about to give it away and purchase a new midi keyboard.


Which is really awesome. Create a new topic About this Question When you insert the usb cable it must click to m-auxio that if fitted well.

M-Audio Evolution MKC Keyboard | eBay

Again, they’re not required and they would not change anything for your use. My MKC isnt even recognised when I plug it in. Mehdi Moucharraf December 02, If you can buy that I’m sure it will work because that will have resent drivers.

I know that this is an old post but I want to quickly jump in.

Help get this topic noticed by sharing it on Twitter, Facebook, or email. Peter Lecuyer November 09, Let me know if you have any questions or more details for me.

Sorry for the confusion! It seemed to work fine, the midi ports opened up in ableton9 and i was able to select it in preferences.

I agree, I mistakenly let my system upgrade and a number of things dont work, such as firewire cards and a focus rite saffire.

FT How does this make you feel? Many years back, I as well purchased the Evolution MKC and was running it on an older Windows machine, it worked fine back then with no issues. Any thoughts before I push the Update button?


There are drivers for Windows if you’re having trouble performing very specific sysex transfers because Windows’ built in drivers are not good at this: Maybe an iPad too? I looks as if that there’s wear and tear on the usb port, try to take it out and resolder properly. The drivers mentioned by Dan R are not working at all. I hope this makes sense! By the way it still works fine on a windows 7 machine and mac Hi Dan, I am having a similar issue.

FT December 22, I really wouldn’t like to mess it up, original firmware is unavailable I think.