Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Vendor Mainboard Required option Status Acer. Verify that the board was seen by io-net by running: Hi, Please do the following: What is the exact command line arguments you use when starting io-net?

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Lyle PS Nettrap doesn’t appear to be included in 6. If an IP is there, then try using ping, browser etc. No The feature is known to not work. Irrelevant characters specify attributes flashrom can not use or even detect by itself e.

The MAC address of the onboard network card will change to the value stored in the new image, maronix backup the old address first. This is a list of mainboards where we have verified that they either do or do not need any special initialization to make flashrom work given flashrom supports the respective chipset and flash chipor that they do not yet work at all. Please report any further verified mainboards bic the mailing list. Thanks for your interest: Simply updating the vendor firmware should be fine.


Macronix Mx98715aec PCI Rj45 LAN Network Card/network Card 142217 400 R01

Again I see both modem leds active. The feature is not applicable in this configuration e.

This repeats three times and in nicinfo I see 3 packets transmitted but 0 received. Hi, Please do the following: The feature is untested macrpnix believed to be working. OK The feature was tested and should work in general unless there is a bug in flashrom or another component in the system prohibits some functionality.

It looks like the problems is with the obtaining a IP. However, this does ”’not”’ happen if you use coreboot.

Supported hardware

Macronix nic bridged with qdn. This page was last modified on 1 Januaryat More information is available here: Retrieved from ” http: A short explanation of the cells representing the macrlnix state follows: More details about the various external programmers can be found at the programmer overview page.

What is the make and model of the NIC that you are using?


They are replaced by dots ‘. Please report any success or failure, thanks. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Has anyone got this NIC to work in 6.

Macronix Mxaec PCI Rj45 LAN Network Card/network Card R01 | eBay

Total amount of known good mainboards: Are you using the tiny or full TCP stack? There nacronix one minor bug, we don’t update the nicinfo structure to reflect the type of network after Nway has happened. I can see the modem leds show traffic in both directions but the system doesn’t show incoming.

Laptops, notebooks and netbooks are difficult to support and we recommend to use the vendor flashing utility. I try to load by: The HP names vary and not all of them have been tested yet.