But on low, it would have a really long life with that battery! From the outside it look like an ordinary 2D Maglite. That finished up this part. I’m pretty sure it’s not the same person. If I went with a series arrangement, would I be looking to provide mA of current but with 3. Hard-core adventurers don’t hibernate in winter — they adapt. The Negative side has a little hole in the top of the tab if you are looking down on it See Picture 7 above Once all the wires are secured to the LED, its time for a quick test.

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From the Elekto Lumens thread. Gentos Industrial Strength Flashlight Features: Get your 24 gauge Teflon wire out and cut 2 lengths.

Now its time to take apart the Maglite. LEDs work in terms of electrical power, current x voltage.

Easy Maglite P7 Mod! Nice | Laser Pointers

Once the heatsink is down you will probably need to cleanup some of the Thermal compound. This combination tool is integrated into one compact unit with a built-in quick release Pic I like the idea of having a light with common batteries.


I also pre-tin everything with solder so it makes connecting the wires easier when mablite time comes. I’m also ordering my first soon. I was very surprised how bright the beam magilte when I first turned the light on.

Here is a before photo: Barska Red Laser with Lumen Flashlight. The inside looks machined out with the spring lower to accept the extra C cell battery. Let me know when you get one that sets paper on fire from 10 feet.: Last edited by Justin Case; at Forums New posts Search forums. But it’s a nice set up. The voltage sag should be more than enough to avoid any overdriving issues. If you did the brightness confuses me too. But it still functions normally with the 2. Whether you’re off to a party or just want to get your wardrobe in the holiday spirit, these five ugly Christmas sweater dresses are sure to be a hit—and maybe even win you a contest prize!

Easy Maglite P7 Mod! Nice…

Joined Mavlite 1, Messages 2, Likes Points 0. That finished up this part. If I go direct drive, can anyone tell me my battery options with a 2 D mag.


Feb 21, Messages: Knowing If the LED drive currentyou can find the relative luminous flux and thus calculate the estimated emitter lumens. How much did you pay for the emmiters?

Elektro Lumens Presents “Wall of Light P7 Drop-In”

For us poor folk who don’t have lathes Ideally, I would use that remora board from the mavlite shoppe and get three modes in direct drive, but I’ve l7 clue what batteries to use. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. I’m hoping to use AA’s or 2 ‘s for some battery commonality. Man you beat me too it. It is very bright on alkalines We’ve made a list of five must-have maternity jeans that’ll have you feeling comfortable and stylish every step of your pregnancy.

I wish I did not have to take everything apart. Yeah those are cool