Let’s see if there is any performance increase. I’m still a bit confused by this all as you can see!!!! I know this from mucho experience: Nlite update worries me more, as the guy who made it is working his arse off with Vlite [Vista Lite], and it’s essential that he updates it if we want to have a working Windows Firewall, also some tweaks I made to the install aren’t working properly. From what I can tell, Pro is basically just Home with a lot of networking, server, security, etc. Be well all of you!

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There are a few that work well and reliably [I left them “in”]: Drivers are written for the particular OS, not service pack. I’ve been using it since the Cubase 5 days. After all, isn’t it better to have the ability to choose? Anyway, good to see you’re feeling better chipset&&vga dux and thank you for this tremendous effort.

He’s recently bought a Mac laptop and Logic. I have a few sticks of it beside me now: So what this means is that you can only utilise 18 outputs, and this takes only DuX, before I try it out, I was wondering if you could give a quick glance at my setup? Half of the times windows won’t boot. I’ve been testing extensively new nLited version with SP3 and it’s working perfectly. Maybe we should ask RME guys what they think?


I ripped out most of the drivers from my “distro” so whoever is planning on installing this one, should download all the drivers first. NCQ seems to be the biggest advantage.

As far seriials I can so far see, the answer is no. It seems like us musicians and video editors will profit most from this XP service pack, as most “normal” users chipset&vgq move to Vista, and we’ll finally have a kinda proper Windows system to play with. Here are my notes on installation and tweaking: To make things a little easier, I noted down the components I added to and removed from your wxpsp3ao config from a previous post http: As for the FW drivers Probably later on when things calm down a bit.

Some (so far) good Windows XP news [Archive] – Page 2 – Cockos Incorporated Forums

We pass our music on to the centre of another persons universe. However, what I know is that FW has quite enough audio bandwidth even for two RME FF, but 3rd can be problematic, so if you have more than two FF interfaces, you should buy a decent FW card, but if you have just one or two, you don’t have to worry about it.

Looks like its working! I can do that. I shall include those.

Nothing else is really necessary in my book. Thanks again for your help! I have my Alienware notebook which I thrashed by stupidly just trying sp3 not a big chipset&vba it had been collecting dustso I’m willing and ready to check it out.


Installing and registering plugins takes quite enough time already. As far as my memory serves me, I think there’s a solution, I just have to google it out. I can’t remember how much precisely, but it’s somewhere around MB when you delete the uninstall files, and most of them are totally unnecessary because SP doesn’t care if it’s nLited or offical version – it always installs everything it’s supposed to.

Hp Pavilion Dv5 Dv5 1030er Drivers

I work hard to have a very clean and lean OS for recording so it just makes sense for me to have it slipstreamed from the begging. Good idea, Mac people usually have a Firewire drives chipxet&vga around, especially those little 2.

ACPI or standard machine Editing groups of multisamples takes ages and is a real geeky, soul destroying task of librarianship, until that is, I found this luvvly bulk file renaming facility with rules, built by Jim Wilsher. For this test cjipset&vga be perfect, you should simultaneously try recording all the inputs, too.

Some sound interesting, others quite useless.