Afterward, Guvcview stopped working. Do you guys know why it happens and how to set it up? If I hold down the power button for four seconds to turn it off, nothing. I plug it in to recharge the battery but the red light stays on for hours. I got the same error but found some instructions that helped for me:

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Still have to do it when battery power is getting to low or after many uses. When I would plug the camera into the computer to watch the video I could see files from the recordings I made but it m80 show as 0 bytes. Got the camera to work with skype on Ubuntu Try prodding me if I don’t report back.

I installed on one laptop and a desktop and it works great. Make sure you slot it in the correct way around as it is accepted both ways.

The red LED would only light up while holding in the power button.

I have the MD90 and the red and blue light were on constantly, i left it charging for 15 hours and nothing happened, light stayed on. I have the same camera MD80 clone and I’m currently on Maverick trying to get it to work as a webcam.


So I don’t know if your camera have it but dig in and see what you can find. If I press the mode button, nothing. Afterward, Guvcview stopped working.

MD80 driver – MD80 Camera Instructions

Thanks to ru for the howto and to ssam for the timeset script. I’m pretty sure I’m just typing something wrong. Just the lanyard, brackets, silicone cover and instruction manual. Please tell me what to do. I mean, come awn I turned it off and back on and the light turned solid red. As of today these are gspca The manual I had said to do a fat32 formatting on the camera so I did. The computer does not see it. Now it won’t turn off with the power button: TXT file, edited one copy in the computer as Download the latest gspca drivers from http: I have no experience with webcams, though.

When I first turned it on it flashed the blue light a few times and then it became solid blue.


The only way to turn it off is pressing reset with a paper clip. I have cheap Mastonic digital 4. I have bought two of these cameras in the last month off ebay. I can’t see it in my PC even with the driver installed, not even as mass storage. I have the current version of ubuntu so technically it should be working anyway like a few others said?

MD80 driver

After charging my MD80 it would not switch on. I got it to work as a webcam on my Windows machine, no problem. The only issue that I have is that it stops recording after 10 minutes and 10 second.

Please help, I waited two weeks for the cam to arrive from china: Put a correctly formatted sd-card into the camera. So I use the reset button, pressing it using dvv pin to turn if off again and again while am trying the solutions.