The link for that is here – http: I would seriously doubt it still applies, But wait from mor input. Please, suggest the solution. If that doesn’t work it’s probably best to raise a support ticket. Forums Posts Latest Posts. These are the RoHS compliant devices.

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I keep getting the following errors: Thank you for your help Any idea that can help. Results below are from 8.

Mplab and ICD2 windows 7

After a lot of messing about I found the cause of the problem. Why does my PIC32 run slower than expected?

If that doesn’t work it’s probably best to raise a support ticket. It locks up trying to connect, at various points.

Windows 7, bit support | Microchip

The driver is missing, according to the Control Panel. NKurzman Thanks for reading such an old post.

The Drivers64 directory has: Having problems with Windows 7 pro 64bit and ICD3. Best regards, johnmx 3.


I have administrator rights on my laptop but Windows gives always wondows same message: Apparently this is why I cannot install the driver under Win 7 – 64 bits. The link for that is here – http: These are the RoHS compliant devices. Essentials Only Full Version. Then I plugged in the test module and ran that – all OK.

ICD 2 Win 7 64 bit problem | Microchip

Using two machines on a KVM is not helpful. I wish you all better luck. I tried all of the above suggestions and still get “no driver” message when trying to update the driver. Thanks for reading, BigK.

I’ll raise a support ticket. A similar post was made but didn’t seem to have been resolved so here I go: North East England Status: H H Administrator Total Posts: Windows bit should work without having to use the box and we have tested that. The older I never got working WIN 7 simply wouldn’t recognize a driver for it.

I’ll check them against mine. Would not be rocket science for MC or a super member to add a quick post that this is no longer relevant?


ICD2 with 64-bit Windows 7

Hi, we cannot find any patch at this link? Does anyone have any idea what I’m missing? I accept your response, but forum members looking for answers to this issue come across this post and then spend time trying to figure out where the non-existent link is. If the folder contains a driver make sure it is designed to work with Windows for bit processor” Who has any idea to solve my problem?